Slovakia gave # 1 in the fight against COVID-19 -The Guardian and Bloomberg

The world media praises Slovakia very commendably, ranking it as one of the leaders in the fight against COVID-19. It all started with the fact that, first, The Guardian, on April 19, published an article detailing the achievements of the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the fight against the pandemic and the spread of the disease.

The Guardian explains the success of Slovakia in this way: “There may be several reasons for the low rates (morbidity and mortality – approx. Auth.), But the quick reaction and the immediate introduction of quarantine measures are decisive. Closing borders, restrictions on the movement of persons, prohibition of public events with

crowds were introduced much earlier than in Western Europe. The concerted efforts of the authorities, which managed to convince citizens to wear masks, also affected … “. The Guardian, it seemed to me, sympathetically describes the resilience of Prime Minister Igor Matovich, who despite being criticized from all sides for his slow exit from quarantine, The authoritative publication writes that other countries, certain regions of large countries, etc. follow the example of Slovakia and the Czech Republic in the widespread wearing of masks, etc. The original article can be read here.

Following The Guardian, a large article on Slovakia was published by the American news agency Bloomberg, adding to its comments the Johns Hopkins University infographic.

Bloomberg writes about Slovakia: “At a time when the coronavirus kills thousands of people across Europe every day, one country stands out, keeping the number of victims low. Slovakia, which is landlocked, with a population of 5500000. People., Closed its borders, schools and shops, earlier than any other country in Europe, right after Italy … ” (Original article see here).

That is, Bloomberg on numbers and facts shows (see the Graph is Speed ​​is the Key) how effective the approach of Slovakia turned out to be – success determined the speed of reaction and compliance with quarantine measures by the majority of the population. Separately, Bloomberg praises the country’s chief sanitary officer, Jan Mikas (Slovak), who ordered him to stop at the border and quarantine a convoy of vacationers returning from Austria ski resorts. As it turned out later, there were many patients among them. Also, Bloomberg “put a plus” to the governor of the Bratislava region Juraj fractions (Juraj Droba – Slovak.), Which actually closed all schools a week before it was done across the country.

Bloomberg also cites the words of the head. Eva Schernhammer – German: Department of Epidemiology, Medical University of Vienna, Eva Schernhammer: “Speed ​​is important. It would be ideal to contain the epidemic at a stage where you can track the contacts of each new case. Looking back, Slovakia did the right thing. ” And now a few words about what the publications of Bloomberg mean (more about the group of companies see here), Johns Hopkins University (see here) and The Guardian (see here). These are so authoritative publications that publications called “stretched to quotes” dozens, if not hundreds, thousands of publications around the world. And Slovakia will become famous all over the world. If you keep, of course, in the future, the incidence at a low level until the end of the pandemic. And this will entail in the future an influx of foreign students to universities in the country, and an influx of investments, etc.

Regarding the content of the result in terms of the fight against coronavirus, yesterday the famous Slovak epidemiologist Professor Vladimir Krčmery (Vladimír Krčméry – Slovak) made important statements. An interview with him was published by Pravda (see here). The professor is very concerned that a number of low-cost airlines are reopening flights from Prague, Budapest and Vienna airports. The epidemiologist sees this as a threat to Slovakia and is convinced that it is necessary to tightly control each flight – of course, if the passengers of these flights will subsequently travel to Slovakia. And this is a well-known practice – even in the times before the crown crisis, many of the Slovaks used the airports of Vienna (67 km from Bratislava), Budapest (200 km from Bratislava), Prague (340 km from Bratislava) for traveling – it was cheaper for someone who it was more convenient with a flight schedule, etc. And now, in general, a situation will arise when Vienna, Prague and Budapest are already flying, and Bratislava will continue to close the sky. That is, many will fly to Slovakia through Vienna, Prague and Budapest. Vladimir Krchmeri worried coming from England and Russia. He cites the Chinese city of Urumqi as an example. Air traffic with Russia did not stop there. As a result, in a fairly prosperous coronavirus, the province was imported through the airport so many infections that now, according to Krchmery, the city is on the verge of a scenario in Wuhan. So, according to scientists, it’s not worth relaxing.

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