Driver's license change

After receiving a residence permit in Slovakia, you can replace your driver’s license, issued by your country, with a Slovakian driver’s license. This must be done no later than one year after receiving the status of a residence permit. If you do this later, you will have to retake exams already in Slovakia.

What documents are needed to replace a driver's license in Slovak?

● Driving license issued by your country;

● Certificate of completion of driving courses;

● Certificate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of your country that the driver’s license is valid;

● Help from a Slovak psychiatrist (for opening categories C and higher).

All documents must be original, and each document must be officially translated into Slovak.

All these documents are filed with the police at the place of registration in Slovakia.  The period of issuance of a new driver’s license from 5 to 20 days.  After submitting your application, you need to pass your driver’s license; in return, the police issue a special certificate stating that your rights are up to date.  With this certificate, you can safely drive and show to the police until you get your Slovak rights.

Slovakia Garant s.r.o.  provides services for the translation of documents into the Slovak language and the police escort for submission of a driver’s license.  And also we can assist in the accelerated procedure for obtaining a certificate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of your country that the driver’s license is valid.  So, there is no need to return to the country of citizenship.

Our company will also help you pass psycho tests in Slovakia for truckers, also get the code 95. These are mandatory procedures for replacing a CE driver license, which is necessary for working as a trucker in Europe.