Residence permit for family reunification

Every entrepreneur, director of a company, or an employee working under an employment contract has the right to reunite his family with him in Slovakia. In this case, the reunification procedure can be done as soon as the first residence permit is filed for the Guarantor itself, and then at any time. If you have decided to emigrate to Slovakia with your family, our company will be happy to provide you with full support services in these processes. We take care of all the troubles in collecting, registering, processing documents. In the shortest possible time, we will arrange for your family to legally live with you in Slovakia.

The main advantages of a residence permit for family reunification

● Ability to live with your family in a European country.


● The possibility of official employment for the spouse / spouse a year after receiving a residence permit.


● State assistance for all children in the amount of 24.5 euros per month for each child up to 21 years.


● If the Guarantor is an entrepreneur, he is entitled to receive a tax bonus of 250 euros per year for each child.  For example, the entrepreneur made the minimum turnover required in order to extend the residence permit in the amount of 5,400 euros, and must pay 300 euros of taxes per year, but he has two children under 18 years of age.  In such case, the state makes a tax bonus of 500 euros, and in fact the entrepreneur does not pay tax of 300 euros, and vice versa – the state returns him 200 euros.

Residence permit for family reunification

● After 5 years of residence in Slovakia, all family members will receive lifelong status of permanent residence.

● Security.  Slovakia is a very calm and stable country.  There are no companies drinking alcohol on the benches, cheaters, pickpockets, etc.

● Good ecology.  Slovaks very much appreciate nature, and in every possible way protect it.  Even in big cities there are a lot of parks, gardens and other green spaces.  The air is very clean and fresh.  Adults and children get sick less often, and recover quickly.

● Schools and kindergartens are very loyal to the children of immigrants.  The support from the teachers and Slovak children is felt in every possible way.

● Huge infrastructure for child development.  In Slovakia, there are many sports schools for hockey, football, swimming, various types of martial arts, as well as the development of artistic talent.

● Every year, children in schools go on all sorts of excursions in Europe, as well as in children’s camps and sanatoriums.  Most of the financing takes on the state.

● In Slovakia, all state universities are free.  This opens up tremendous opportunities for every talented applicant.  Everyone can get a higher education in a European country, and in the future apply for high positions.  Good specialists are highly valued in Slovakia as in any other EU country.

● Knowledge of languages.  If you emigrate, for example, from Ukraine, then your children will know at least 5 languages: Ukrainian and Russian, Slovak, English and German.  Languages are studied at a high level and there is a constant practice in these languages ​​in communication with other immigrants, tourists and friends around the university.

List of documents for family reunification (spouse (s) and children)

● preparation and submission of documents required for obtaining a residence permit for family reunification;

● translations by the court translator of all necessary documents;

● accompaniment to a notary for certification of signatures;

● escort to the bank to get an account statement: for each adult family member you need to show on the Guarantor’s personal account € 2,600;

● escort to the police when filing documents for a residence permit;

● occupation of the queue at the police from the evening of the previous day when submitting documents, the client arrives in the morning just before opening

● escort for a special medical examination for foreigners; sending a medical report to the police;

● escort to the insurance company for registration of medical insurance; sending insurance confirmation to the police;

● preparation for applying for a visa D, assistance in filling out an application for a visa (for visa countries with the EU).

● Medical insurance for everyone

● Two color photos 3 x 3.5 cm for each

All documents at the time of filing for a residence permit for family reunification should be no older than 90 days, this is important!

We provide "all inclusive" services for obtaining a residence permit for family reunification

Working with us, the client pays the cost of a package of services, and does not worry about anything else. We will pay all big and small expenses ourselves, the client will not pay for anything else. We also undertake all the routine work of collecting documents, namely:

● Preparation and submission of documents required for obtaining a residence permit for family reunification;

● Official translation into the Slovak language of all necessary documents;

● Notary services for certification of signatures;

● Medical insurance;

● All administrative fees (filing documents with the police, issuing a residence permit card, physical examination);

Residence permit for family reunification

● Full support in all instances (bank, notary, police, medical board);

● Preparing for an interview with the police or consulate of Slovakia in your country.

According to the laws of Slovakia, the whole family that is reunited should be spelled out at the same address. If at the time of submission of documents for reunification, the client does not have his own or rented housing, our company will provide the address of registration in Slovakia for 1 year for all family members at the same address.

If you want to reunite your family and live legally with her in Slovakia – write or call us, we will carefully listen to your situation, give recommendations on how best to do everything exactly in your individual case.  Choosing our company as a partner in registration of a residence permit, be sure that the process of family reunification will take a minimum of time, it will be calm and comfortable.