We are an open company, we have no secrets from our customers.  Therefore, we want our clients to have comprehensive information about our services, including our guarantees and risks of the client.  Almost all the companies in this field are silent about the last points.  After all, if the client does not ask questions about guarantees and risks, then it is better not to raise these “slippery” topics.

We ourselves talk about it.  So what are the risks of a person who wants to get a residence permit in Slovakia, and what guarantees does our company give?

Since the decision to grant the status of a residence permit is not given by a specific company, but by the Slovak Foreign Affairs Police, no company can guarantee 100% obtaining of a residence permit.  The police may have their reasons for refusal, for example: the facts of abusing their stay in the EU, which the client concealed from the police, the provision of false information and other reasons.

For our part, we guarantee

● provide services at the highest level, inform the client about the progress of all processes, provide unbiased information, fight for each client until the final positive decision to grant or extend his residence permit status without additional charges.

● 100% refund of the total cost of the package of services if the client is refused a residence permit, and we can not refute this decision.  The refund will be without any “if”, “but”, etc. If we have not provided a result, then we are not entitled to charge for this. The conditions for returning the cost of services are prescribed in the contract, which we sign with each client. Since the bigger part of the amount of the package of services is the cost of registering an individual entrepreneur or company, the legal address and translations into the Slovak language, in case of a refund, we bear not only time, but also large financial costs. Since in the case of a refund to us, no one will compensate these expenses, and we are obligated to return the entire amount of the package of services to the client. Everything is fair, transparent and fair.


In our practice, there were no cases of refusal of a residence permit to our customers.  There were situations when the police first refused, but with the help of our lawyers we defended the interests of the client, and he eventually received a residence permit.  We perfectly know all possible situations, and we know how to act in any of them.

Our company understands that behind every decision to issue a residence permit is the fate of our clients.  We, the owners and directors of Slovakia Garant s.r.o.  they themselves went through all the processes of emigration and obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia.  Therefore, as no one understand how important it is for each client.

Our company is only interested in a positive decision on issuing or extending a residence permit, as this is the most important criterion of our work.  Therefore, we will do everything possible, and even impossible, to make our customers happy and have the opportunity to start a new life in Slovakia.


Sincerely, Volodymyr and Tanya,
founders of Slovakia Garant s.r.o.