Legal address in Bratislava

Every individual entrepreneur or company in Slovakia, just like in any other country, must have a legal address (Virtuálne sídlo). Legal address is indicated in all registration documents, in the tax office, banks, etc. Correspondence from all government bodies and any other organizations with which the individual entrepreneur or company interacts comes to the specified address.

As a rule, the registered office is located at the company’s office. But what should those companies do that do not yet have their own office or do not need one physically, since the activity is mainly carried out online?

This issue is especially relevant for foreigners who want to register an individual entrepreneur or company in Slovakia with the further receipt of a residence permit in Slovakia.

Legal address in Bratislava

In 96% of cases, at the beginning of his business, a foreigner does not need to rent a real office, for which he has to pay hundreds or even thousands of euros every month. But he must have a legal address immediately upon registration of a legal entity. In this case, you can use the virtual legal address service. In Slovakia, unlike Ukraine or Russia, it is not forbidden to register many legal entities at one address. This is a common practice and a demanded service that is used by both slovak businessmans and foreigners wishing to start their own business in Slovakia.

What do we offer?

Our company Slovakia Garant offers the VIRTUAL LEGAL ADDRESS service in the very center of Bratislava, which takes into account all the needs and peculiarities of foreigners in Slovakia, and also has a number of advantages over similar services. Having a legal address with us, the client does not have to worry that an important letter will pass him by. All letters addressed to the client, both regular and marked “in person”, will be delivered to our office. The client will be notified of the receipt of the letter by email, phone or any other communication channel. If the client wishes and with his permission, we can open the letter, scan it and send the contents to the client. And we can also advise what exactly to do with this letter, how to react, who to contact if the client himself does not know the Slovak language well and does not know Slovak legislation.

Where exactly is the legal address?

Our office is located in the heart of Bratislava in the Old Town Staré Mesto at Ventúrska 277/16, 811 01, Bratislava

What services are included in the price? How do we differ from competitors?

Name of service Slovakia Garant Competitors
Registration of a legal address, place of business. Granting the consent of the property owner (Súhlas vlastníka nehnuteľnosti s umiestnením sídla)
Specifying the name of the company or individual entrepreneur on the mailbox
Reception, registration and storage of correspondence, including notification by e-mail and SMS
Opening and scanning letters at the request of the client
Analysis and recommendations for the content of the letter
Receiving important letters marked “in person” by power of attorney from the client
Rent a meeting room for business meetings (the whole kitchen, coffee, tea, cookies at your disposal) – 2 hours a month FREE
Everything is included in one tariff
The most prestigious location in Slovakia (Only on our floor there are 2 embassies of foreign countries, and also on our street there are 5 more embassies)

What price?

We have a single tariff that includes all of the above services:

Registration of a legal address for a new individual entrepreneur or company in Slovakia – 180 € / year

Transfer of legal address for an existing company (we undertake payment and state duty for changes in the Trade Register) – 180 € / year

It is important to know for making a decision!

On the Internet you can find many offers of virtual office services, both from Slovak companies and from our compatriots. You can choose for any color and taste. But the main problem lies in the details. Namely, having paid for the service of a virtual office, the client thinks that at this address he will receive all correspondence for his company. But, as a rule, important letters from banks, tax, social services, or especially from the police for foreigners are sent marked “in person”.

And since you are not there, the postman leaves a special yellow piece of paper with a notice that your letter will be in some post office for 18 days. If the recipient does not personally pick up the letter at the specified post office within the allotted time, the letter is sent to the sender. Well, if the client is in Slovakia, then he needs to spend half a day to find this branch, stand in line, and pick up his letter. But what if at this time the client is outside Slovakia, for example, at home at home? In this case, there are no options to pick up the letter, and it will be returned to the sender, and the client will never know its contents. The problem in this case can be solved by a general power of attorney from the client to this company, which provides a legal entity. the address where you can receive all letters on behalf of the client. But not all companies want to take on such responsibility, and if they do, their price tag starts from 500 euros per year.

The next criterion for choosing a legal address is the willingness of the company providing such a service, to promptly review and analyze the contents of the letter with the prior permission from the client, and give the client advice on how to respond to the information received, who to contact and when. This is extremely important, as there are times when, for example, tax or social. the insurance company sends a warning about the underpayment of some amount, and gives a short period of time to correct this error. If you do not react quickly, then the recipient may be included in the list of unscrupulous residents, and this “label” will remain for the entire life of the given company. The subsequent receipt of any privileges from the state or funding will be a big question.

The third important criterion is the question of how the client’s letters are saved and how he can personally collect them. We observe that some firms lower their prices much lower than the market ones, so many clients go to them precisely for the price, but then it turns out that all letters from different clients are stored in one mailbox, which all clients have access to. Thus, the company providing the virtual legal address service does not bear any responsibility for the safety of customer letters. Since a letter from one client can be taken by another client by mistake without malicious intent. Finding ends in such a situation is unrealistic.

Thus, when choosing a virtual legal address service, the client should ask himself the following questions:

● Will I be able to receive all letters to this address, including important ones marked “in person”?

● Will the selected company providing the address be able to quickly read the letter, translate it into my native language and advise what to do with this information, which specialists to contact and in what time frame?

● Will my correspondence be in the same place as other clients’ emails? Do all clients have access to the mailbox?

By saving 30-50 euros per year, and choosing the wrong legal address service, you can lose much more due to the risks described above. Our company has taken into account all these aspects and offers the most complete package of services of a virtual legal address in Bratislava. We will be very glad if this information will help you to make the right choice, even if your choice will stop at another company.