Нострификация дипломов

Nostrification is a procedure for confirming and recognizing a document on graduation from an educational institution, issued by another state, in the territory of the country in which nostrification is carried out.

Diploma nostrification in Slovakia is carried out for

● continuing studies in Slovakia;

● work in Slovakia for regulated professions;

● doing business in Slovakia, which requires a license.

For the nostrification of the diploma are required

● a notarized copy of the diploma with all inserts and with a translation into the Slovak language;

● copy of passport;

● in some cases, you must provide proof of practical training and knowledge of the Slovak language.

Terms of diploma nostrification in Slovakia

● general specialization – up to 2 months;

● narrow specialization – up to 4 months.

If previously a diploma was nostrified in another EU country, then in Slovakia there is a simplified procedure for confirming such a diploma.  And vice versa – if a diploma is nostrified in Slovakia, it will be much easier in another EU country.

The cost of nostrification of a diploma in Slovakia with the help of our company is from 400 euros, depending on the diploma.