Residence permit prolongation

If you have any type of residence permit in Slovakia already, and you have a need to extend it or change the bases of the residence permit (for example, from student to business residence

We will thoroughly examine your situation, collect all the necessary documents, certificates, make translations, and accompany you to the police for the renewal of the residence permit.

On the one hand, the extension of a residence permit does not require such a large set of documents as in the case of the first receipt of a residence permit.  But, on the other hand, for the renewal, you need to fulfill certain requirements for an enterprise or company, on the basis of which a residence permit was issued.  We will help in solving all these issues, we will advise on accounting, submitting reports for a quick and reliable extension of your residence permit.

Sometimes the police, after submitting documents for renewal, may call you for an additional interview.  We provide an accompanying translator who will be with you at the interview.  We will also prepare you for such an interview, so that you feel confident and are ready for questions that may be asked.  It is for this reason that many entrepreneurs and their families turn to our company for assistance in escorting for the renewal of a residence permit.

Even if you received the first residence permit with the help of another company, you can confidently contact us to extend the residence permit in Slovakia.

A full list of documents for residence permits prolongation in Slovakia can be found in the article on this topic. Also, by clicking on the link to the article you can watch a video in which the author talks about his experience in residence permits prolongation, interviewing police and many other details of residence permits prolongation.