What is a residence permit in Slovakia?

In this short article, we will tell you about the residence permit in Slovakia, what are the types of residence permits in Slovakia, who and how can get this residence permit. Please note, that all information is taken from official sources and repeatedly checked.

So, the residence permit in Slovakia is divided into temporary and permanent.

A temporary residence permit gives the right of residence in Slovakia to a foreign national of a third country, who is going to work, do business or study in the territory of the Slovak Republic. Temporary residence permit can be granted, after fulfilling all the conditions specified in the law and on the basis of the submitted application.

A residence permit is granted for the purpose of:

● Entrepreneurship
● Employment or seasonal employment
● Education
● Certain activities (lecturing, sports, cultural, volunteer, accredited journalist, medical care, internships, etc.).
● Scientific research activities
● Family reunion
● Performance of duties by peacekeeping units of armed forces
● A person with an acknowledged status of a Slovak living abroad
● A person with an acknowledged long-term residence permit in another EU Member State.

The most common reasons for granting a residence permit are employment, business and family reunification.

How to obtain a residence permit in Slovakia (procedure)

The application for a temporary residence permit must be submitted in person, except in cases of family reunification, when the foreigner with whom the reunification is taking place is applying for the incapacitated applicant.

There are two options for applying for a temporary residence permit:

1. Apply abroad at the Slovak diplomatic mission accredited in the state that issued the applicant’s foreign passport or in which the applicant has a place of residence. The Slovak diplomatic mission that accepted the application will conduct a personal interview for a preliminary assessment of the application.

2. You may also apply for a temporary residence permit at the relevant immigration police station in your place of residence in the Slovak Republic.

Attention! The following persons may not apply for a residence permit

1. a holder of a tolerated stay permit because it is not possible for him/her to leave the country and it is not reasonable to detain him/her, and
2. applicant for asylum.

Until the expiry date, a temporary residence permit issued to a third-country national entitles the holder to legally reside in Slovakia, travel abroad and return to Slovakia.

The first temporary residence permit may be issued for different periods, depending on the purpose of stay. If a third-country national applies for a temporary residence permit for the purpose of:

1. work, special activity or research activities, the residence permit is granted for a period of up to two years;
2. entrepreneurship – for a period of up to three years;
3. family reunification or person with a long-term residence permit in another European Union (EU) state – for a period of up to five years;
4. for the purpose of study – for a period of up to six years.

The residence permit is issued only for a specific purpose, which must be confirmed at the time of application. If the purpose of residence remains the same and the foreigner continues to meet all the conditions for residence, the Slovak authorities may extend the temporary residence permit, depending on the purpose of residence, for up to three to five years. But if the purpose for which the temporary residence permit was granted changes, the third-country national must apply for a new permit.

Permanent residence permit is granted for an indefinite period of time and is granted to a foreigner if:

1. he or she has been in Slovakia on an authorized basis for 5 years immediately prior to the application;
2. his/her long-term residence permit has been annulled in connection with obtaining a long-term residence permit in another EU Member State;
3. he/she has a 5-year continuous residence permit in an EU Member State(s) and has been in the territory of Slovakia as a Blue Card holder for at least 2 years immediately before submitting the application.

A permanent residence permit may not be issued to:

1. A foreigner who has applied for refugee or asylum status;
2. Persons holding a residence permit for the purpose of study;
3. Holders of a residence permit for the purpose of seasonal work;
4. Persons holding a residence permit for the purpose of a special activity;
5. Foreigners with diplomatic immunity.

If a foreigner has a temporary residence permit for the purpose of study or special activity, he must first obtain a temporary residence permit for another purpose, such as work or business, and only then can apply for a permanent residence permit.

There are inevitable costs when applying for a residence permit in Slovakia. The cost is made up of the cost of tickets, rent, daily expenses, as well as the cost of translations, notary services, state fees, mandatory medical examination, and the availability of money in the bank accounts. If you draw up documents with the help of consulting firms, you need to add the cost of their services. A reliable consultant will help you avoid additional costs and avoid making mistakes. You need to plan a certain amount for rent and daily expenses for the first few months. In short, it is quite a costly process.

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