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European education is a guarantee of future employment to reliable European employers.  A foreign graduate of the Slovak University has all the chances to stay in the country and build his/her life in Europe.  On another page of our site you can find information about the preparatory courses of the Slovak language, thanks to which in just 1 year you can learn a language with an in-depth study of the chosen direction.  And after completing the course, enroll in any university in Slovakia free of charge.  Since the courses are paid (more information on the course description page), not everyone can afford them.

But what if the student does not set himself a goal of getting higher education (like up to 70% of Europeans, by the way), but wants to get a secondary special education, learn a profession, and start working in the specialty in Slovakia or any other European country?  Without payment for education, and without knowledge of Slovak language, without entrance exams.  Fantasy?  Not.

Few people know outside Slovakia of the existence of such special schools, since they are not PR, their sites are presented only in Slovak (which is difficult for foreigners to understand).  On this page we will present a list of educational institutions and specialties to which any foreigner can enroll.

The advantages of such educational institutions

● Education is free,

● Admission is carried out without the requirement of knowledge of the Slovak language and without entrance exams,

● Living in a school dorm costs around 30 euros per month,

● Meals are 3 euros per day including breakfast, lunch and dinner,

● Training lasts from 3 to 4 years,

● During the course of study, if desired, students have the legal right to work 20 hours a week, providing for themselves,

● Half of the study time is spent in practice in well-known companies in Slovakia, where a student “acquires” useful acquaintances, friends, gets invaluable experience in practice,

● Upon graduation, the student will be fluent in the Slovak language,

● Having a diploma of completion of education, a student can immediately begin working on a specialty in Slovakia or any other European country,

● Or enroll in any university in Slovakia free of charge for higher education.

List of secondary special schools in Slovakia

Where you can go without entrance exams and knowledge of the Slovak language.

Stredná odborná škola hotelových služieb obchodu

School of hotel service and commerce.

School website:

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

School booklet: here

General information: The school has a rich tradition of teaching and educating students in educational specialties and vocational training in the areas of catering, hotel services and tourism.  The basis of education at school is high-quality training, the acquisition of skills in well-known hotels, restaurants, travel agencies and retail chains.  Emphasis is placed on the high quality of language training, extensive social education, as well as rich opportunities for sports and culture.  

Part of the school is a boarding school, which provides accommodation for students.  There is also a Leisure Center, which provides an opportunity not only for its students, but also for students of neighboring schools to develop their talents.

Specialties to which you can enroll without knowing the Slovak language and entrance exams:

– cook;

– confectioner;

– waiter-bartender.

Duration of study: 3 years

Tuition: free of charge

Conditions of enrollment: certificate of completion of 9 or 11 classes, not older than 23 years old on September 1, 2019.

Accommodation in a dormitory: 30 euros per month, 2 people in a room with a shower and amenities.

Form of study: day, one week theory – one week practice.

Final application date: June 20, 2019.  You can apply without a certificate in your hands, you can later submit it.


11 reasons why it is worth to go to school of hotel service and trade:

● The school is located in a pleasant area, surrounded by nature and excellent sports facilities.

● The material and technical equipment of the school is at a high level and provides an opportunity to study various specialties.

● Students can decorate classrooms according to their taste and acquired professional skills.

● Teach your students to cook deliciously.  The price of lunch is only 0.20 euro (20 cents!).  Three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for school students will cost less than 3 euros.

● The updated hostel offers students accommodation for 30 euros per month 7 days a week in 2-bed rooms with amenities in each room.

● In the leisure center there is a place for everyone to relax and have fun.

● The school has a large swimming pool.  For students entry is free.

● Provides internships at the Slovak hotel GALICIA NUEVA – HALIC.

● Every year organizes exchange trips to Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia.

● The school principal during the school year especially notes the students who represent the school in competitions.

● The principal every month financially encourages students with 100 percent class attendance and excellent academic performance.

Stredná odborná škola technická

Technical school

School website:

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

School booklet: here

General information: The public school, which was founded in 1957, is one of the schools with the best technical equipment.  Provides education in the field of machine industry.  Provides students with a hostel, meals, the possibility of playing sports.  The center of Bratislava can be reached in 15 minutes by public transport.

Specialties to which you can enroll without knowing the Slovak language and entrance exams:

● Mechanic tuner – programming and adjustment of machine tools and equipment with computer-controlled CNC (4 years)

● Programmer of machine tools and welding machines – specialist in processing on CNC machines, welding machines and robots (4 years)

● Metal processing – station wagon (turner, miller, grinder) (3 years)

● Equipment mechanic – repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment (3 years)

● Toolmaker – production of special tools and blanks (3 years)

● Gunsmith – production, repair of sports and hunting weapons (3 years)

● Jeweler – Manufacture and repair of jewelry (3 years)

● Technical and administrative staff – economics, computer science, engineering (3 years)

Duration of study: 3 or 4 years depending on the specialty

Tuition: free of charge

Conditions of enrollment: certificate of completion of 9 or 11 classes, not older than 23 years old on September 1, 2019.

Accommodation in a hostel: 45 Euro per month for 7-day stay.

Form of study: day

Final application date: June 20, 2019.  You can apply without a certificate in your hands, you can then submit it.


10 reasons  why it is necessary to study in technical high school, Vranovskaya 4, Bratislava:

● This is a public school, which is among the schools with the best technical equipment.  Provides a full education in the field of engineering – training of graduates of primary school, additional training, the possibility of obtaining a certificate of the welder

Provides education in:  3-year course with a certificate of vocational education (výučný list) and SOPK (Slovak Chamber of Commerce) certificate; 4-year course with maturite – diploma of secondary education.

● Conducts training in engineering specialties, which are increasingly in demand in the labor market.  A growing number of companies are showing interest in graduates in the fields of “programming and operation of CNC machines” and “3D modeling using CAD / CAM programs”.

● It guarantees a very good level of education, which is carried out in modernly equipped classes and workshops for practical training.  In the framework of various projects collaborates with foreign schools (Czech, Polish, Hungarian).

● Students have 24-hour internet access in the computer class.

● The school provides professional practice and development in various organizations (students earn money), where after successful completion of studies there is the possibility of employment.  It actively cooperates with companies Mikona, Auto-Impex, CNC Precision, TSA a.s., Mondelez a.s., TOWER Automotive, Matador Automoive, Volkswagen Slovakia, a.s.  and etc.

● Students have the opportunity to play sports in the gym, on the sports ground.  Gifted students can practice in a specialized sports class, focused on playing football.

● Students can eat in the school cafeteria and beyond.  Accommodation in a youth hostel is possible.

● In addition to studying, the school offers many extracurricular activities – sports clubs, creative circles, participation in various competitions and contests.

● Students receive a scholarship of at least 50 euros depending on the specialty.

How to get specialized secondary education in Slovakia?

Our company Slovakia Garant s.r.o.  in order to popularize special schools in Slovakia and help foreigners to enroll in them, developed a package service “educational residence permit” for enrollment in the above-mentioned secondary technical schools in Bratislava.  Having become your representative, we will submit all applications ourselves, collect the entire package of documents, accompany to all state authorities.  The personal presence of the student will be required only directly at the stage of filing documents for a residence permit in the police for foreigners in Bratislava, to which we will also accompany.

The package of services includes all costs of applying for courses and registration of a student residence permit in Slovakia, namely:

● Applying for training at a secondary technical school (by your choice);

● application for residence in a dormitory (the applicant pays the cost of living on their own);

● payment of state duty in the police for issuing a residence permit card;

● a notarized court translation of documents (a certificate of good conduct, a certificate from the bank about the availability of funds, a certificate of education, an appendix to the certificate of education, an insurance policy);

● escorting an applicant to a school, foreign police, medical examination, to the hostel;

● sending a package of documents by express mail for a D visa (for citizens with a visa regime);

● execution of a power of attorney to represent the applicant’s interests;

● payment for a medical examination;

● payment of an ISIC student card. 

How much costs procedure?

The cost of the program “Study + Residence Permit in Slovakia” can be viewed on this page.

What documents are needed to apply for technical school?

To start the process of applying at school and registering a residence permit, the student must provide the following documents:

● scanned copies of domestic and foreign passports;

● certificate of good conduct with apostille;

● certificate from the bank on the availability of funds (at least 2500 euros in equivalent to local currency);

● certificate of education;

● insert to the certificate of education;

● insurance policy (for 1 year with a coverage of 30,000 euros for Europe).

Education in a secondary special school is an excellent alternative to getting an education in Slovakia.  Self-study for free, with minimal living expenses.  During his studies, the student not only receives a specialty, but also fully learns the Slovak language.  This will make it possible to easily find a good high-paying job in the specialty in Slovakia, or continue their studies at any university.

At the moment, the Slovak Republic is developing rapidly.  Enterprises constantly need qualified employees.  This forces them to look for specialists abroad from Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Hungary, etc.  Many employers are even ready to hire specialists without knowledge of the Slovak language.  But the employment of a foreigner is accompanied by great difficulties in registration, to which is added the problem of the language barrier.  In such situation, the specialist who received the Slovak education already has a residence permit and speaks the language at a good level would be priceless.  Finding a job in Slovakia is not difficult for such people.

Where to go? How to start registration?

Our experts will be happy to help you understand everything and fully support you throughout the process of obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia on the basis of education.

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