Language courses + residence permit

High-quality higher education in European countries has always been popular.  For many people, getting it is difficult due to complexity of it obtaining, high costs, the absence of reliable support – it is not easy to send your own child to a faraway country. Currently, Slovakia provides an opportunity to receive European education for foreign citizens under very good conditions.

Advantages of higher education in Slovakia

● University diploma (of your choice), which will be recognized by all European countries and the majority of world countries;

● Tuition fees. Higher education in Slovakia is free (in Slovak, in some cases, even in English). Compared to other European countries, living expenses in Slovakia are significantly lower, with a comparable level and quality of life.

● Cultural environment.  Slovaks are quite tolerant of foreigners, almost everyone is trying to help. Therefore, it will be much easier for students to “get used to” their surroundings than, say, in Western Europe.  Most people in large cities can communicate in English.

● Reliable support. Our company Slovakia garant s.r.o.  provide professional support for students at the university and at the preparatory courses on all matters of study, accommodation, communication with the authorities, etc.

● Personal attitude.  Each student will be assigned a curator (mentor), who will provide support not only within the framework of the contract, but also on all domestic issues.  This is very important, especially in the first months of study.

● Prospects. With a diploma from a Slovak educational institution, the graduate will be provided with employment opportunities in the world’s largest companies or starting his own business.

Higher education in Slovakia is free for all applicants to Slovak universities, regardless of citizenship, subject to study in the Slovak language.  The student only needs to pay for accommodation (usually an inexpensive dormitory), food, leisure, and public transport (with a discount).

To enroll in any university in Slovakia, you need to pass exams, as in any other university.  For foreigners, the task is more complicated, since exams must be passed in the Slovak language.  Only one way out – to learn the Slovak language with a deepening in the chosen specialty.  In Slovakia there are several universities and many private schools offering such programs.  But not all of them are of high quality and make it possible to get a student residence permit for legal stay in the territory of the Slovak Republic.

We chose the best, reliable and proven programs for learning the Slovak language.  Such courses will provide an opportunity to learn the language perfectly for one academic year, and prepare for entering the university for the chosen specialty.  Our company Slovakia Garant s.r.o.  will take on the function of the representative of the applicant and will accompany at all stages from applying for courses, registration of a educational residence permit, and to the full adaptation of the student on the spot.

It is for those who are interested in entering universities in Slovakia that our offer is addressed.

«Language and Academic Preparation before University Studies in Slovak Language»

Program description:

● Duration: September – June.

● Venue: Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia.

● Target group: University graduates holding Bachelor degree, wishing to continue in Master study and reach Master degree.

● Goal of the Programme:Receiving a Slovak language proficiency to communicate in the Slovak surroundings; acquiring Slovak terminology, possibly completing specialized knowledge in the range of subjects, which will be the focus of his/her further university studies.

● Language of Instruction: Slovak

● Study groups are formed according to the following fields of study: Medical and Biological fields, Economic fields, Technical fields, Humanities, Law, Natural Sciences.

Program starts with 5-week intensive Slovak language course.

After the language course the Program contains 30-32 lessons per week – Slovak language and other subjects according to field of study. There is a possibility of free consultations or a student can pay for extra individual lessons in required subjects.

Study groups are formed upon the students’ field of study – average number of students in a group: 8 -14 students.

Study is organized in two terms – in the period from September to January and from February to June daily from Monday to Friday in the morning.

During training courses, a student can earn money in the so-called brigades (temporary work), for example, as a waiter, manager, dispatcher, delivery man, etc. Student can earn up to 1000 euros per month.

Examinations are scheduled at the end of each term in written and/or oral forms. After completing the Program successfully, the student is awarded a Certificate on passing language and academic preparation. This Certificate does not guarantee admission to the university, it increases the chances of passing entrance examinations successfully as well as further successful studies at the university. Decision upon student ́s admission for studies at the university is made by the Dean of the Faculty.

Tuition Fee: 3900 €

Accommodation: from 90 euros for a place in the room with amenities in the corridor; up to 180 euros for a separate room with amenities in the unit; apartments with private facilities are 250-560 euros.

Application deadline – contact us for the latest information

How to enroll in courses?

Our company provides a package service “residence permit – STUDY” for enrollment in preparatory courses”Language and Academic Preparation before University Studies in Slovak Language” at the University of Comenius. Having become your representative, we will submit all applications ourselves, collect the entire package of documents, accompany all instances. The personal presence of the student will be required only directly at the stage of filing documents for a residence permit in the police for foreigners in Bratislava, to which we will also accompany.

The package of services includes all costs of applying for courses and registration of a student residence permit in Slovakia, namely:

● applying for courses;

● submission of an application for residence in student dormitiory (the applicant pays the cost of living on their own, depending on the wishes and availability of places);

● payment of fees applying for courses;

● payment of state duty at the police for issuing a residence permit card;

● notarized court translation of documents (certificate of good conduct, certificate from the bank about the availability of funds, certificate of education, appendix to the certificate of education, insurance policy);

● escorting an applicant to university, foreign police, medical examination, to the dormitory;

● sending a package of documents by express mail for a D visa (for citizens from visa demand countries);

● registration of a power of attorney to represent the interests of the applicant;

● registration of a new e-mail and subsequent monitoring of messages in the applicant’s mailbox for communication with the University (required by Slovak laws);

● payment for medical examination;

● payment for student card  ISIC.

Price and the payment procedure

The cost of the program is 1290 euros, including all translations of documents into the Slovak language, our full support in all instances, issuance of an ISIC card, preparation of documents for visa D. Additionally, the student pays the state fee for the production and delivery of a residence permit card (7.5 euros), and special physical examination (185 euros).

Payment order:

● 1 part – 50% (645 euros) upon conclusion of the Agreement and providing a scan of copies of the primary documents;

● Part 2 – 50% (645 euros) after the student receives a residence permit card on the day of the medical examination.

More information about prices can be found on this page.

What documents are needed to apply for courses?

To start the process of applying for courses and registering a residence permit, the student must provide the following documents:

● scanned copies of domestic and foreign passports;

● certificate of good conduct with apostille;

● certificate from the bank on the availability of funds (at least 2500 euros in equivalent to local currency);

● certificate of education;

● appendix to the certificate of education;

● insurance policy (for 1 year with a coverage of 30,000 euros for Europe).

Higher European education is the key to a successful life for your children. Of course, at the first stage, it requires certain expenses.  Take in account that all higher education in the universities of Slovakia is free, then in a complex all preparation including the courses will cost a minimum.  The total cost of training and obtaining a diploma in Slovakia will be several times cheaper than studying at any university in your home country.  University graduates can easily find a job in their specialty in any European country.

Where to go? How to start registration?

Our experts will be happy to help you understand everything and fully accompany you through the whole process of obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia.

We offer you to watch a video, which tells in detail about the language courses and the program “Study + Residence Permit” (subtitles available). 

If you have any questions about studying in Slovakia, please contact us.