How to enroll a child in a Slovak school?

This is one of the most common questions that we hear from our customers, and today we will try to answer it in detail.

First of all, we hasten to inform you that your child will definitely receive free school education on an equal basis with all Slovakian children, since this right is guaranteed to him/her by law. An interesting school life awaits your child, full of bright events, autumn and Easter exhibitions, happy holidays, sporting events, but at the same time, life is measured, restless, comfortable. After a couple of months of training, you will understand how conveniently the educational process is organized, how easily all organizational issues are resolved. And do not forget to praise your son or daughter for the units that they will bring home, because “jednotka” in Slovakia is the highest mark.

Below is a step-by-step instruction that will help you enroll your child in school on your own.

Step 1: Preparation of the documents:

  1. Residence permit card
  2. Birth certificate (rodný list) with translation + copy
  3. Insurance certificate (preukaz poistenca)
  4. Report card from the former school.
  5. Certificate from the Slovak pediatrician that the child is healthy (To receive it you will need a certificate of vaccinations with decoding of abbreviations and translation into the Slovak language)

What to do if at the moment you have an incomplete package of documents? We recommend not postponing your visit. As a rule, the school goes to meet the family of its future student and allows them to bring documents later. Bring some euros in cash. You may need money, for example, to buy a plastic card for meals in the school cafeteria (on this card you will credit a certain amount every month for meals).

Step 2: Choosing a school

Schools in Slovakia accept children based on registration(address card). With a high degree of probability, the school closest to the house will be yours. The exception is private schools and gymnasiums, which you can choose regardless of your place of residence. Some families first choose a school or private gymnasium that meets their requirements, and then look for an apartment nearby.

The list of schools can also be found on the website: For this you need to go to the section Katalóg → Vzdelavanie → Školy.

Step 3: surf the school website

Each school has its own website, which will be useful to study before the first visit. For example, there you will find specific dates for admission of children to 1st grade and an application form that you can print out and calmly fill out at home. Entry to 1st grade is done in the spring, but if you plan to move in the summer, there will be no problems.

During the summer holidays, the school will work on certain days, about which a notice will hang at the main entrance.

On the site you will also find:

– A list of knowledge, skills and abilities that a future first grader should possess. And you will be pleasantly surprised that in Slovakia these requirements are minimized.

– If it’s hard for you to understand the text in Slovak, be sure to look at school photo albums. Of these, you will gain a lot of information about school life, for example, that there is no school uniform in Slovakia. Pupils walk in what is convenient for them. Only replaceable shoes are required, often with white soles. These shoes leave no residue on the floor.

Step 4: visit the school

The main difficulties that our customers encounter at this stage of their lives are poor language skills. This is normal. After all, you just moved and did not have time to learn it, but at the same time you already have to communicate in the Slovak language. We recommend that you prepare in advance, for example, using the dictionary to translate the necessary phrases and write them on a piece of paper. Even if you forget something, you can read it. And if you do not understand what you are being asked about, there will be nothing to worry about. The main thing is that the school staff will understand why you came to them, you have the necessary documents in hand, so they can draw up your child.

After registration, you will receive a notice of enrollment, as well as a list of stationery and hygiene items that will need to be brought to class.

For students in grades 1-4 offer to write an application for entry into the school club. In this club you can bring your child from 7.00, and pick up until 17.00. This option is suitable for working parents who cannot adapt to the school schedule, and a child at this age does not have the right to independently come to school and leave it.

Your child will be under the supervision of teachers and even goes for a walk with his classmates.

The topic of education is very extensive, there are many nuances in it, and we will definitely continue to tell you about it in the future, so that you know as much information as possible and feel confident. If you have questions about this topic, be sure to write them in the comments, and we will try to disclose them in our next articles.

We wish your children success in their studies in Slovakia!

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