Opening an account in a Slovak bank

Having an account in a European bank (in this case, in Slovakia) has several advantages:

● Opening an account in any currency, including multi-currency.  This is convenient if you do business with foreign partners.

● Possibility of opening an account both for an individual and a legal entity.

● High level of privacy.  Slovak banks are especially sensitive to privacy.  The account holder can be sure that the information on his foreign account is protected.  This is especially true during divorce, raider seizure, debt obligations, and other unpleasant situations.

● Tax optimization.

● If your country has problems with economic and financial stability, having an account in a European bank is a necessity that will save money from devaluation, inflation, and other risks.

● No currency control.

● No restrictions on transaction amounts.

● Slovak banks provide maximum flexibility in using an account.  Regardless of the location of the client and the time zone, the account holder has round-the-clock access to money through Internet banking, which in turn is as secure as possible.

We help our clients who apply for a residence permit for a business to open accounts in a Slovak bank for free.  This is included in the package of residence permits.

Our specialist will accompany you to the bank branch to open a personal or corporate account, will help you to fill out all the forms and applications, will help gather the necessary documents for opening an account.

The price of services for the support of opening a bank account for an individual is 150 euros, for a legal entity – 300 euros.

Our company has already opened a number of clients to open accounts in Slovak banks.  We know which banks are more loyal to foreigners, which list of documents is needed to open an account in different situations.

If you need additional advice on this issue – contact us in any convenient way, and we will be happy to advise you free of charge.