Why Slovakia?

So many people consider Slovakia as a country to live with their family, work or do business in. Here are a few reasons why Slovakia deserves such attention.

Loyal immigration laws

Low requirements for obtaining and extending a residence permit for business.

Opportunity to be reunited with family immediately at the first application for residence permit.

After 5 years immigrant receives permanent residence permit for life, and after 10 years – citizenship of Slovakia.


Slovakia is a very peaceful country, which does not have conflicts with other states.

The crime rate is very low.

Cars drive according to the rules and do not violate speed limits, therefore there are very few car accidents.

Favorable business environment

Tax on income from 15%.
VAT – 20%.

Transparent and clear “rules of the game” for business.
High rate of economic development.

Free education

Secondary and higher education in Slovakia is free of charge.

Diplomas of Slovak universities are recognized in any EU country.

A real opportunity to get a mortgage

Loan rate from 0.89% per annum.
Term loans of 30 years.
The first payment of 20%.

A person working under an official employment contract has the right to claim for a mortgage in the 7th month of work. Entrepreneur in 1 year of entrepreneurial activity.

Loyalty to immigrants

Slovaks are very friendly people. It is almost unreal to encounter rudeness or aggression. There is no prejudice against immigrants, other religions, skin color.

The older generation remembers Russian, young people almost all know English. If you approach a Slovak on the street, he will always help as much as he can, no matter what language you speak.

Schengen area

Any EU country is open to you! Slovakia is located in the heart of the European Union in close proximity to capitals such as Vienna, Prague and Budapest.

You do not need any visas or permits to travel all over Europe.

Sporty Country

Slovaks are very fond of sports. Almost everyone has a bicycle, and there is an extensive network of bike paths all over the country. On weekends, Slovaks do active sports. Unnoticed, every emigrant joins this active lifestyle. Hockey is considered the national sport.

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