Ready-made Company in Slovakia

One of the most popular legal forms of doing business in Slovakia, as in many other countries, is the opening of a company. In Slovak – spoločnosť or simply firma, abbreviated S.R.O. (analogue of the American LTD).

Important facts about the company’s activities in Slovakia

● Income tax is 15% up to a turnover of 100,000 euros per year, or 21% over 100,000 euros per year.

● The tax on withdrawn dividends is 7%.

● VAT is 20%.

● The tax return is submitted once a year from January 01 to March 31 for the previous year. It is possible to extend the report period for another 3 months. In the presence of VAT, a VAT report is submitted every month.

● By default, a company in Slovakia can issue invoices to individuals around the world and legal entities within Slovakia. To work with counterparties from other EU countries, you need to register a limited VAT in accordance with §7a.

● For full-fledged work with VAT, you need to register a company as a VAT payer in accordance with §4. This can be done voluntarily by submitting an application to the tax office and proving why the company needs VAT. Or the company will be obliged to compulsorily register VAT when the turnover of internal invoices exceeds 49,700 euros in the last 12 months.

● The ultimate beneficiaries (owners) of a Slovak company can be citizens of any country. The director of the company can only be a citizen of Slovakia or another EU country, as well as a foreigner with a residence permit or permanent residence in Slovakia.

● The director of the company can work officially without remuneration. One company can have up to 50 directors.

● Slovakia has an open Trade Register ( where you can find and verify any company by name or IČO number.

I need a company to obtain a residence permit in Slovakia

If you are planning to immigrate to Slovakia and obtain a temporary residence permit, and in the future, citizenship, then this can be done on the basis of a business, namely the registration of an entrepreneur or opening a company. The certificate of an entrepreneur or company gives the right to obtain a residence permit in Slovakia. Our company provides a full range of services in this area. But you need to think carefully, perhaps to obtain a residence permit, you will only need to register an individual entrepreneur. A detailed comparison of all the pros and cons of an individual entrepreneur and a company in Slovakia can be found on this page.

If you know exactly what kind of business you will be doing in Slovakia, and it implies average and above average turnovers per year, then opening a company in Slovakia is the right choice.

For a foreigner who has a residence permit in Slovakia, you need to remember that one of the main conditions for extending a residence permit is a minimum annual profit of 12,000 euros and an annual tax paid of at least 3,500 euros.

In order not to miss anything and to file tax reports taking into account the specifics for foreigners, it is important to have a reliable accountant. Our company specializes in accounting for companies with English-speaking and Russian-speaking owners and directors in Slovakia.

Feel free to contact us on the contacts on the website, and we will professionally provide you with services for registering a company, obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia, as well as further support of your company and extending a residence permit in Slovakia.

I need a company in Slovakia for my international business, but I do not need a Slovak residence permit

In this case, you are on the correct site. Our company provides a full range of services for such clients from consultation to complex accounting and reporting. By registering a company in Slovakia, you have a reliable tool for doing business not only in Europe, but all over the world. You do not need to come to Slovakia to register a company. We can provide you with a full range of services remotely. You can choose any of the individual services listed below in the price list, or take advantage of the comprehensive offer.

Turnkey ready-made company in 2 weeks just for 1480€

(price 2450€, if you order each service separately)

What’s in the package:

● Initial consultation on doing business in Slovakia (90€),

● Choosing a new name, activities (190€),

● New registered company in Slovakia with no history (950€),

● Legal address in the center of Bratislava at Venturska 16, Bratislava (190€),

● Already opened two accounts in a Slovak bank in EUR and USD (600€),

● VAT registration according to §7a for working with counterparties in the EU (190€),

● Work of a lawyer + state duty for registering a company for new owners and directors (190€),

● Stamp (50€).

We can also take over the accounting of your company. And if you do not have your own director, we can provide services to search for candidates for the position of director in your company according to your criteria. Nothing is impossible with us! Our goal is to be a reliable support for your business in Slovakia.

Service Price

Registration of a company (s.r.o.) in Slovakia on a turnkey basis (activities to choose from without restrictions, entry in the Commercial Register, registration with the tax office, obtaining a DIČ number (tax number))


Purchase of a ready-made company s.r.o. in Slovakia (change of owners, company name, types of activities, legal address)


Registration / replacement of a legal address for an individual entrepreneur or a company in Bratislava for 1 year (Stare Mesto city center, address Venturska 16, Bratislava). State registration / replacement fee is included in the price.


Professional advice on residence permit, permanent residence in Slovakia, legal, accounting, tax, emigration issues; advice on working with Internet banking.


Small S.R.O. monthly maintenance including:
– bookkeeping (registration of accounting entries for internal and external operations of the company);
– reconciliation and accounting of accepted and issued invoices (up to 20 per month);
– submission of a monthly report (declaration) on VAT;
– preparation and submission of an annual profit statement (declaration).


Running a company without VAT or individual entrepreneurs without employees, INCLUDING annual reporting with the movement of 2-3 invoices per month, price per YEAR


Accounting consultations:
a) 2 hours a month – free of charge for clients on service;
b) in excess of the established limit, as well as if it is necessary to involve an auditor or tax consultant, the price per hour from


Visiting tax, insurance, departure for an inspection, other issues requiring personal presence


Preparation of any unscheduled interim report


EU Operations Report


Initial registration with the tax office (obtaining a tax number, DIČ identification number)


Registration as a VAT payer upon reaching the statutory income limit (excluding verification)


Registration as a VAT payer up to the established income limit at the request of the client (excluding the passage of the audit)


Liquidation of the status of a VAT payer


EORI registration (customs accreditation)


Making changes to the bypass register: company name, legal entity. addresses, types of activities, reduction of the authorized capital and / or changes in the owner of the LLC (the price includes court fees and other changes)




Preparation of documents, inquiries, obtaining certificates for a financial plan in order to obtain a mortgage


Gaining access to the state electronic mailbox at


Search and selection of personnel (company directors, managers)


Consulting on an individual client request (purchasing a car for a company, marketing research, etc.)