Residence permit for education

European education is not only a guarantee of future employment with reliable European employers, but also one of the ways to get a residence permit in Slovakia. A foreigner with a Slovak education has all the chances to stay in the country and build his life in Europe. 

Quality higher education in European countries has always been popular.  Many people are deterred by its cost, complexity of registration, lack of reliable accompaniment – it is not easy to send your own child to another country. At present Slovakia provides the possibility of obtaining a European education for foreign nationals on very good terms.

There are 3 main ways to get a residence permit for education in the Slovak Republic.


Studying at a Slovak university

Higher education obtained in Europe has always been popular because of its high quality and attractive prospects. For this reason, many applicants choose to study in Slovakia. Such an education has many advantages.

ВНЖ по образованию

● A university diploma that is recognized in all EU countries and in most other countries. In the future it will greatly facilitate job search and will have a positive impact on the career growth of a young specialist.

● Free training programs. One of the most important advantages – higher education in Slovakia is free (if the training takes place in the national language, and in some cases, even in English). The student only needs to pay for dormitory accommodation, textbooks and plan daily expenses. Universities do not have any special requirements for foreigners.

● Cultural environment. The Slovak mentality and way of life are close to the heart of many applicants. This allows students to get used to a new environment and assimilate more quickly than, for example, when studying in Western Europe.

● Career perspectives. With a degree from a Slovak university, graduates can find work in the world’s largest companies or eventually start their own business.

Slovakia is very loyal to foreign students and has many educational programs. In addition, the cost of education and living in the country is not as high as in other European countries. It is also much easier to get a student visa and residence permit. Foreign applicants can study at the university for free, provided they pass their exams and know the national language.

The list of all universities in Slovakia, their faculties and contact information can be found by clicking on the button below.


Secondary special education

Few people outside of Slovakia know about the existence of such special schools, where you do not have to pay for education, and you can enter without knowledge of the Slovak language and entrance exams. The main advantages of such schools are:

● Education is free of charge,

● The school does not require knowledge of the Slovak language and there are no entrance exams,

● Accommodation in the school’s dormitory costs symbolic money, on average 30 euros per month,

● School dormitory accommodation costs a symbolic fee of 30 euros per month,

● Meals are 3 euros per day including breakfast, lunch and dinner,

● Schooling lasts from 3 to 4 years,

● Students are legally allowed to work 20 hours per week while studying and are self-supporting,

● Half of the study time is spent in practice at well-known companies in Slovakia, where the student makes useful acquaintances and friends and gains invaluable practical experience,

● By the end of the school the student will have a perfect command of the Slovak language,

● The student can start working in Slovakia or any other European country right away,

● The student can also apply to any higher education institution in Slovakia on a free-of-charge basis.

A detailed list of secondary special schools in Slovakia, a detailed description of specialties, as well as a list of documents required for admission can be found on a separate page.


Language courses

Higher education in Slovakia is free of charge for all applicants to Slovak universities regardless of citizenship, as long as they study in the Slovak language.

To enter any university in Slovakia you need to pass the exams, like in any other university. For foreigners, the task is more difficult, because the exams must be taken in the Slovak language. There is only one way out – to learn the Slovak language with an in-depth study of the chosen specialty. 

In Slovakia, there are several universities and many private schools offer these programs. But not all of them are of high quality and give you the opportunity to get a student’s residence permit for legal stay in the territory of the Slovak Republic.

We have chosen the best, most reliable and proven Slovak language programs. 

Such courses will give you the opportunity to learn the language perfectly in one academic year, and prepare for admission to university in the chosen specialty. Our company Slovakia Garant s.r.o. will take on the role of a representative of the applicant and will accompany the student at all stages, from the application for the course, registration of the study permit, and to the full adaptation of the student on the spot.