Who will see zlaté prasiatko at Christmas?

The Golden Pig (zlaté prasiatko) is one of the symbols of Christmas in Slovakia 🐷 It is believed that it can be seen only by those who have fasted before the festive Christmas dinner.

We don’t know how popular this symbol was in Slovakia before. But clearly this popularity has increased with a funny advertisement for the Slovak drink Kofola.

In it a girl goes with her father to the forest to get a Christmas tree 🌲 And in response to her father’s promise to see zlaté prasiatko while fasting, a real “golden piglet”, or rather a wild boar, comes out to meet her. This is a very funny film, so the commercial was extremely well-received.

❄️ Many Slovaks do fast and attend Christmas services. Of course, children are not left without food, but the desire to see zlaté prasiatko is not a bad motivator to make it through to the holiday feast.

On the evening of December 24, they usually prepare a traditional soup of sauerkraut, fried carp, potato salad, and various pastries for the holiday table. And on December 25, meat dishes are added to the holiday table.

To remind, Slovakia celebrates Catholic Christmas on December 24, 25 and 26. This holiday here is considered more significant and important than the New Year itself.

P.S. Are you in the mood to see zlaté prasiatko? 😁

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