When you don’t need a work permit?

When applying for a job in Slovakia, a foreigner usually needs to get:
📌 a work permit or
📌 confirmation of job availability (see previous post).

However, there are cases where this is not required! What situations are we talking about?

✅ You have a permanent residence permit in Slovakia.

✅ You have a residence permit on reunification, 9 months have passed since it was granted and you lived in Slovakia during that time.

✅ you are a relative of a holder of a blue card or a citizen of an EU member state who has the right to reside in Slovakia.

✅ You have a residence permit for studies. Only in this case, the working hours for all employers do not exceed 10 hours/week or 20 hours/week if you are a university student.

✅ You have successfully completed secondary school or higher education in Slovakia.

You have been granted asylum (azyl), supplementary protection (doplnková ochrana) or temporary asylum (dočasné útočisko).

✅ you are employed on the basis of an international treaty signed by Slovakia. It stipulates that you do not need a work permit to employ a third-country national.

✅ You ensure on the basis of a trade contract:

  • supply goods or
  • carry out installation, warranty, or repair work,
  • You carry out work connected with the installation of systems of production devices, and programming work.

In this case, the period of your employment or business trip to carry out work must not exceed a total of 90 days in a calendar year.

✅ You work in the field of international transportation and have been sent by your foreign employer to carry out work.

✅ You have applied for an extension of your residence permit, which will allow you to work in Slovakia, for sufficient time before it expires.

There are a number of rarer cases where you do not need a work permit either.

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