What to rent if you are in Bratislava for a short time?

What you should pay attention to if you want to stay in Bratislava for a short time 🤔

✅ You can choose a hotel or rent an apartment for rent.

Many people prefer the latter option. Apartments are usually more spacious and cozy, there is a kitchen and all the utensils for cooking. But sometimes problems can arise. Then you arrive, but no one meets you and does not pick up the phone. Either they require some additional payment, or the language barrier prevents you from agreeing.
Knowing about such problems, we took one of the apartments in Bratislava into our possession. Now you don’t have to worry that there will be any difficulties with the arrival at the apartment, language or payment 😉

✅ Accommodation location

If you come on business or on an excursion, it is important that the apartment is located in the central part of the capital. So you can quickly get to anywhere in Bratislava. All notaries, banks will be nearby, and the beauty of the old city will be within walking distance.

✅ Additional features

If you plan on driving, it is worth making sure that free parking is available. In Bratislava, it is not always and not always possible to park safely and without payment. Parking can take a lot of your time and money if you don’t take care of this issue in advance.

Is communication important to you and / or do you work remotely? Then pay attention to uninterrupted Wi-Fi 📲
In addition to the listed possibilities, our apartment has an iron, a TV, and an air conditioner, a hairdryer, a microwave oven, a stove for cooking, a refrigerator, a barbecue grill, all the necessary utensils.

Accommodation is located in the very heart of Bratislava, everything is within walking distance. To find out more and book for dates convenient for you, click 👉 https://slovakiagarant.com/en/posutochnaja-arenda-kvartiry/

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