What commercial insurance to choose in Slovakia?

After obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia, each foreigner must be insured in accordance with EU legislation and requirements. It doesn’t matter on what basis a residence permit was obtained, it can be studies, business, employment. Everyone must be insured. Lack of insurance is certainly not a criminal offense, and no one will go to jail for this. But the lack of insurance will definitely create problems when extending a residence permit, and to be more precise, there may be problems if there is at least one day of break in insurance. And if there was no insurance at all – this is a 100% refusal to extend the residence permit. And this is only the side associated with legal issues, not to mention financial ones, when the lack of insurance leads to huge financial expenses with real medical care.


Each foreigner who has received a residence permit in Slovakia, when submitting documents to the foreign police, receives a printout with an extract from the law and their rights and obligations. On this memo, two points are highlighted in capital letters:

  1. A foreigner must undergo a special medical examination within 30 days after receiving a residence permit card;
  2. A foreigner is required to insure himself within 3 working days after receiving a residence permit card.

Citizens of countries with a visa-free regime (Ukraine, Georgia) will need insurance immediately after obtaining a residence permit. And citizens of countries with a visa regime (Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, etc.) will need insurance even at the stage of obtaining a visa D at the consulate of Slovakia in their country. The consulate requires providing, along with other documents, a valid insurance policy. Citizens of visa countries need to take care of insurance in advance. Then you can provide the same insurance to the foreign police in Slovakia.


If you receive a residence permit as a private entrepreneur (živnostník, podnikateľ) or an employee (zamestnanec), then you (and your children) are required to take out state insurance. There are only three state insurance companies in Slovakia: Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa, Dôvera, Union. State insurance implies a monthly fixed payment. The amount of payment depends only on the financial performance of the insured. In 2019, this minimum payment is 66.78 euros / month.

If you receive a residence permit for family reunification, or as a student, or as the director of a company (spoločnosť), in this case you can get only commercial insurance. They are completely different, depending on the package of services, the term and many other factors. Commercial insurance is bought immediately for a certain period. It is important to ensure that there are no gaps between the periods of insurance. Consider a small comparative table of insurance companies, their commercial insurance packages and the minimum price for insurance:

Service Union Axa Maxima ERGO
Emergency + + + +
Acute Tooth Pain Paid + + up to 50€ up to 200€
The visit to the doctor is paid by the insurance company itself + + +
You pay for the visit, then get compensation + + + +
Amount of coverage 60000 €, for pregnant up to 17 000 € 60000€ 60000€, limit for 1 case – 40000 € 30000€
Action throughout Schengen (no need to buy travel insurance) + +
Accepted by the foreign Police + + + +
Completed completely remotely, 100% via the Internet +
Telephone support in Russian + +
Telephone support in English + + + +
Cost for 1 month It is determined individually from 60-70 euros per month for adult, from 30-35 euros per month per child 28€ 40€ 30€
Cost for 3 month individually 84€ 90€ 92€
Cost for 6 month individually 168€ 160€ 184€
Cost for 12 month individually 276€ 299€ 368€

It is easy to determine which AXA company has the best deal. Consider this company in more detail. Axa Assistance is part of the multinational AXA Group, which is one of the largest financial institutions in the world. In 1999, AXA ASSISTANCE entered the Czech and Slovakian markets. For more than 15 years of operation, the company has achieved a leading position in the insurance market.

AXA ASSISTANCE Group (part of AXA Group) in numbers:

● more than 10.8 million processed insured events

● world leader in insurance, operating in more than 220 countries

● annual turnover of more than 900 million euros

● over 200,000 cases

● over 450,000 phone calls

● 250 million customers

● work in 59 countries

● turnover of 150 billion Euro

Thanks to extensive experience in the field of medical support and counseling, our clients can be sure that they will always receive adequate medical care regardless of which country they visit in the world. We specialize in providing quality insurance services in your home and when traveling around different countries.

Who is Axa Assistance Health Insurance for?

● Persons applying for a long stay in Slovakia

● National Visa Applicants D

● Managers, employees of international companies

● Representatives of private companies

● Diplomats

● Family members (children, spouses …)

● Tourists

● Students

● Other foreigners legally located in the Slovak Republic.

Advantages of foreign insurance from AXA Assistance:

● insurance is suitable for student residence permit, residence permit for work, business, family reunion, etc. in Slovakia and the Czech Republic

● insurance is accepted by the police for foreigners (an agreement is entered into through the Internet as an electronic document), i.e. You do not need to go anywhere to conclude a contract

● insurance coverage up to 60 000 EUR

● we provide services in many languages

● Insurance is valid in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and other Schengen countries!

● Full compliance with the laws of the Slovak Republic

What does the AXA client get?

● Non-stop support (24/7) in the following languages: English, Russian, Czech, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Serbo-Croatian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Arabic and other languages.

● 24/7 support from doctors and medical staff

● assistance with the police for foreigners in Slovakia – there are agreements on the adoption of AXA documents sent in electronic form.

If you just received a Residence Permit in Slovakia, or are preparing documents for obtaining a D visa, you can get AXA commercial insurance without leaving your home. To do this, go to the specified link, fill out a simple application form and pay for the insurance policy.

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