Top 5 professions according to Slovaks

What specialties are the most in demand in society according to Slovaks 💁‍♂️

Recently, an online sociological survey was conducted, in which more than 1000 residents of Slovakia took part.

The survey revealed that:
47% of participants would prefer the profession of a doctor for their child,
45% singled out an IT specialty,
34% voted for jurisprudence,
20% would like to see their child as an architect,
17% found the future in science more attractive.

And what professions would you give your preference to 🤔 What do you think, what professions are the future for? Share under the post 👇

In Slovakia, there is an opportunity to get any prestigious specialty absolutely free.

👨‍🎓 Of course, there are paid private schools and universities. But all the conditions have been created for access to free education, even for foreign citizens. This applies to general, secondary and higher education.

And if you are planning to move to a country with a child, you can be sure about his future.

Of course, you will need to master the Slovak language if you are not going to a private English school / university 📚 But, as practice shows, children start to speak Slovak pretty quickly. They find friends among their Slovak peers and continue to hone their language immediately in practice – which can be more effective.

However, at least basic vocabulary is still worth mastering before moving. So getting to know a new country will be less stressful and more productive.

Should I share our resources for learning Slovak 🙇

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