The most favorite sport in Slovakia

Slovaks love hockey 🏒 It is actually a national sport.

There are more than 110 hockey clubs in the country, many ice rinks and training centers. Training camps for young hockey players open every summer in Slovakia. Moreover, these camps are popular among foreigners.

There are hockey clubs at secondary schools. But there are also separate educational institutions. Almost every, more or less large Slovak city can boast of them 🏙️ However, the most famous, perhaps, are schools in Bratislava and Trencin. Graduates of such schools are often added to the star lists of the KHL and NHL.

And if your child is interested in this sport or is already playing hockey, then in Slovakia he may have excellent growth prospects.

☝️ It is curious that if our sports stars most often try to move to the USA or Canada, then everything is different here. Famous Slovak hockey players return to their country, preferring to live not even in the capital, but in their native, smaller cities 🏡

Many Slovaks root for their country and follow all the ice hockey championships. Slovak sports bars are usually crowded at these times. But everything goes loudly, but peacefully – without any fights or scandals.

In the current World Championship, the Slovaks have already won victories over the national teams of Belarus, Great Britain and Russia 🏆 Now Slovakia takes first place in the group with 9 points according to the results of previous competitions.

Friends, how do you feel about hockey? Follow the championship or are indifferent to this sport 🤔

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