The day of the three kings. Procession in Bratislava

In Slovakia, January 6 is a public holiday and an official day off.

It is believed that it was on this day that a messenger star appeared in the sky about the birth of the Son of God. The three kings were the wise men Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, who came to Bethlehem to welcome the newborn Jesus with gifts 😇

What traditions in Slovakia are associated with this holiday?

💫 Older boys dress up as three kings, wear a crown, and long white robes, and act out a play about three kings. They are usually accompanied by an angel with a paper star on a staff. By the way, the tradition still exists.

Bratislava becomes the center of one of the main processions, a costume procession with references to historical events that took place in Jerusalem.

🏰 This year’s event will start in the courtyard of Bratislava Castle on January 6, at 14:30. The procession will go through the courtyard of the castle and the streets of the Old Town.

According to the plans of the organizers, the Magi from distant regions of three generations and three races will march on horseback and camels. The procession will be accompanied by drummers, bagpipers, and carolers.

💫 There are also some more interesting traditions connected with January 6th.

Girls washed in the snow before sunrise to preserve their beauty and snow-white skin. So ladies set your alarm clock for tomorrow 😉

🔮 We also had a fortune-telling in the evening. Different objects were placed in 7 identical cups. Then everyone chose a cup for themselves and they used the received item to predict the future. If there was a coin in the cup – then wealth, a piece of cloth – travel, a doll – birth of a child, a ring – marriage, coal – disease, bread – the prosperity of everything.

That’s the kind of holiday that tied together Christian, ancient Slavic, and Roman motifs.

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