Tatra National Park

There are 9 national parks in Slovakia, each of them is unique and amazing in its own way 🌄
Tatra National Park is the oldest. It was founded in 1949 and is located in the north of Slovakia, Presov region, about 4 hours drive from Bratislava.

A unique species of chamois, the symbol of the Tatras, lives here. You will not find such chamois anywhere else in the world. After the ice age, these animals developed for millennia in isolation from others 🦌
There are many other rare animals, mountain and alpine plants on the territory of the Tatra National Park.
There are routes of varying difficulty for tourists. You will be able to choose the most optimal one for your goals and level of training.

🌲 On the territory of the park there are not only unique forests and breathtaking mountain ranges. The most beautiful mountain waterfalls and lakes are waiting for you. These places are sometimes compared to the Swiss Alps. Nature is truly mesmerizing.

We also recommend visiting the Belianska Cave – the largest cave in the High Tatras. It is believed that it served as a dwelling place for primitive people.

A walk through such a cave usually takes at least an hour ⏳ There is something to see here: icicles of different sizes and colors, frozen waterfalls, mysterious limestone influxes that form very unexpected figures.

In the park, you can walk both independently and with a guided tour. But it is important to follow certain rules.

✅ You can only drive on public roads and tourist paths. By the way, they are perfectly marked, they can also be found on maps.
✅ Rest and parking is possible only in specially designated marked areas.
✅ Do not tear or damage plants, shrubs and trees.
✅ There is also a ban on catching and hunting animals.
✅ You cannot pollute nature with garbage, swim in local lakes and streams.
✅ You can only ride bicycles on public roads or special routes.
✅ There are restrictions on walking pets.

Someone says the rules are too strict. But we believe that for the sake of preserving nature and such beauty, you can tolerate, we agree 🤔

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