Swimming season in Slovakia

What is summer without swimming? Who likes to swim, respond under the post 👇
In Slovakia, the swimming season usually starts on the tenth of June. But Slovaks, by all appearances, are generally quite seasoned people. Swimmers calmly crossing the Slovak lakes can be seen as early as May. Yes, what really there, we came across in April 📅

In Bratislava itself, in addition to lakes, there are many outdoor pools.

🏊‍♀️ Usually these are entire complexes that consist not only of an adult, but also a children’s pool with water slides and other entertainments. Most pools have a water heating function, so you can swim even in cool weather.
If you want to relax, have fun and have a little wet rest with the whole family, then you should include a trip to the pool in your plans 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

This year, the outdoor pools in Bratislava will start operating on 12 June. The recreation area “Zlate Sands” is already receiving visitors.

💦 The Dolphin swimming pool will soon open in Ruzhinovo, the Rosnichka swimming pool in Karlova Vsi on the border with Dubravka, Tegelne Pole in the Nove mesto area.
💦 In Racha, open-air swimming pools “Krasnyani” and “Racha” are waiting for you. In the Lamach area, there is also an outdoor pool of the same name.

Are there different types of passes? In this case, you can visit any outdoor pools in Bratislava.
🔸 All day for 3.5 €
🔸 10 visits for 29 €
🔸 10 visits only after 17:00 for 19 €
🔸 In general, the entire swimming season for 89,00 €

Tickets are sold both at local ticket offices and online at https://kupaliska.bratislava.sk/
By the way, how do you like the prices? Comparable or not with the prices in your country, locality 🤔

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