Spa town Piestany

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There are many legends associated with this place. One of them says that during the Roman Empire, the cavalry stopped for a halt near the local river. Both people and horses were emaciated. It was especially hit by animals that have come a long way with riders, provisions and weapons.

The soldiers took their horses into the water 🐎 And here the inexplicable happened. In just a few minutes, the horses came to life and were already happily beating their hooves without a trace of fatigue.

According to legend, it was this event that led to the exploration of local waters. As a result, their medicinal properties were revealed. Well, how can a resort town not be born in such a place ?!

Piestany is a well-known spa that specializes in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It is not surprising that the symbol of the city is a man breaking a crutch.

🏡 There are about 10 sanatoriums and spa hotels here.
In addition to mineral waters, mud therapy, physiotherapy, physiotherapy, you can use the outdoor thermal pool, special paths, play golf, tennis, ride a horse.
The city is home to the National Institute for Rheumatic Diseases. And this is not the only research institution. The Piestany Technical Testing Institute and the Research Institute of Plant Production also function here 🌱

☀️ It is quite sunny with hot, dry summers and mild winters. In Piestany, up to 2150 hours of sunshine per year.
Bratislava can be reached by car in about an hour. Trnava and Trencin half an hour from Piestany 🚗

And, of course, how can it be without locks! Not far from the city are the ruins of the Tematin castle, a couple of kilometers away is the snow-white castle of Moravany nad Vagom. In Piestany you can visit interesting museums, art galleries, concerts.

At the end of summer, an international competition in water sports is held at the local reservoir ⛵ In autumn, car races with prizes are organized outside the city. So the place is pretty busy.
Have you been to this city? Perhaps you would like to visit?

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