Separate garbage collection in Slovak

Slovakia is a beautiful European country that cares about the environment. Each of its citizens, whether it is a resident of the capital or a small village, takes an active part in this, and the state creates favorable soil for this.

According to statistics, in Bratislava alone, about 100 thousand tons of garbage is produced annually. Sorting and recycling is a necessary modern measure to protect the environment from pollution.

Active propaganda of the separate collection of garbage and its processing. In the courtyards of residential buildings, in public places, shopping centers and grocery stores are bins and containers for separate collection of garbage. Do not be surprised if you see how parents accompanying children carry unnecessary newspapers and magazines to school. After all, schools hold competitions every month, which class will bring more unnecessary paper.

Thus, the small inhabitants of Slovakia from childhood are instilled with the idea that it is impossible to throw away what can be recycled and reused. For comparison, in Russian educational institutions such actions also take place once a year. And the rest of the time, such a valuable resource is thrown into a common container and buried in the ground.

So, let’s talk about how, after moving to Slovakia, to properly sort garbage. Just say that the sorting rules in different cities are different. So, for example, in Bratislava there is no special container for metal waste. The grounds for garbage containers look clean enough, do not emit an unpleasant odor, garbage does not roll around them, and some even have flowers. Venues can be both open and fenced.

Consider the usual container site in Bratislava.

You see containers of 4 colors – black, yellow, green and blue. On each container it is written which type of garbage can be stored in it and which not.

For example, the blue container is for paper. But this does not mean that any paper can be thrown here. Wet, greasy, dirty paper, handkerchiefs and towels are not recyclable. Throw out newspapers, magazines, catalogs, compressed cardboard packaging.

The yellow container is designed for plastic – bottles, jars of yogurt, various plastic packaging, as well as cardboard packaging for drinks, aluminum packaging. Do not throw away packaging from hazardous toxic substances.

The green container is for glass, and the black one is for unsuitable waste, such as biodegradable waste, egg packaging, used paper scarves and towels, metal packaging and canned food.

Some cities have a special red container for metal waste, as metal can be recycled an unlimited number of times. Do not dispose of batteries, lamps, medicines, hazardous substances such as varnishes and paints in a black container.

Special bins are equipped for batteries and lamps in large shopping centers, as well as grocery stores within walking distance. Special containers are periodically organized for the collection of varnishes, paints, as well as other toxic garbage, which residents are previously notified of. Bulk garbage collection is organized in the same way. A separate container is ordered for the removal of construction waste. Medicines should be taken to the pharmacy. For unnecessary clothes and shoes, each yard also has separate containers, although they stand separately from the container site.

Large grocery stores, such as Kaufland, have vending machines that accept glass bottles. Having handed over an empty bottle, you will receive a check for a certain amount, which you can spend in the same store on groceries.

Finally, let’s say that in Slovakia there are no such huge fines for incorrect waste sorting, as, for example, in Switzerland. Therefore, do not worry if the first time after moving you mistakenly throw something in the wrong container. The garbage sorted by you from colored containers, getting to the landfill, is re-sorted and recycled.

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