Resumption of border control May 24 – June 8

From May 24 to June 8, border controls at Slovakia’s borders with Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Poland will resume.

🌍 From May 29-31, the Slovak capital will host the major international conference Globsec 2023 Bratislava Forum.

Hundreds of influential politicians, business leaders, experts from global think tanks, and heads of international organizations will come to Bratislava. It is expected that the 18th GLOBSEC Conference will be attended by the highest number of political leaders in the history of the conference.

Discussions will focus on several key areas:

  • defense and security,
  • geopolitics,
  • economics and business,
  • democracy.

Of course, discussions will focus on assistance to Ukraine and mitigating the global consequences of the conflict (energy, economic, supply chains).

Security measures, including border control, are being tightened in connection with such a large-scale event.

Everyone crossing the borders of states is advised to have the necessary documents proving their identity and the right to stay in the country, such as a residence permit card.

By the way, you are always required to have these documents with you. But not everyone remembers this. So be careful 👍

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