Our Slovak guest

Today, a guest on our channel is the native Slovak Michaella.  This wonderful young girl was born and live almost all her life in Kosice, and 6 years ago she moved to the capital of Slovakia – Bratislava.  Michella is fluent in Russian.  She has long been subscribed to our channel, always essentially commenting on the video.  In time, Tatiana became friends with Michaella, and communication developed into a friendship.  And today, Michaella graciously accepted our proposal to record a joint video, where Michaella tells Tatiana about many aspects of life in Slovakia through the eyes of a Slovak herself:

● What is the difference between eastern and western Slovakia?  What is the difference between people in these regions?  How can I find out which region a person is from?  What is the average salary in these parts of the country?

● What is absolutely impossible to do in Slovakia?  How can you offend Slovak?

● Is it true that Slovaks are slow?

● What are the values ​​of life pursue Slovaks?

● Gastronomic preferences and features of Slovaks

● How do Slovak men care for girls?

● What are the traditions at Slovak weddings?

● What are the popular names given to children in Slovakia?

● What is the attitude of minority sex in Slovakia?

● Where do Slovaks prefer to go on holiday?

We hope this video will help you get to know Slovakia better, look at this beautiful country through the eyes of its local people.

Many thanks to Michaella for this interview!  We are very happy that she is a friend of our family.  We wish her success in business and good people in her life!

Please leave your comments and questions under the video.  Michaella and Tatiana will be happy to answer them.  Enjoy all!)

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