One of the most beloved types of recreation in Slovakia

In recent years the popularity of cycling in Slovakia has broken all records 📊

On one Vienna route (Bratislava-Vienna), almost half a million two-wheelers rode in 2022. And judging by how the number of cyclists grows with the number of clear spring days, the year 2023 will surprise us with new records.

There are about 1200 kilometers of special cycling routes in the Bratislava region. They go through the forests, lakes, and other picturesque corners of nature. And you can explore not only the beauty of nature but also historical and cultural monuments on a bicycle.

The Bratislava region is also crossed by two major bicycle highways Eurovelo 6 and 13.

The authorities plan to further develop the bicycle infrastructure and bicycle tourism. As an investor, the county is preparing other projects in order to create a network of safe bicycle paths.

Among those projects 👇👇

🚵 Creating a new bike bridge over the Little Danube that will connect the popular Corzo Zalesie to Malinowa.

🚵 Further cycling tourism connection of the Vrakunja area in Bratislava, Mosta Pri Bratislava, and Zalesje.

🚵 A bicycle route through the vineyards from Svätego Jura through Pezinok to Modra. The construction of a third bicycle bridge over the Morava River near v. Gadjara.

So if you have long wanted to have a fascinating cycling trip, in Slovakia you will have many opportunities to plan it😉

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