News digest weeks

What exciting news and announcements were there in Slovakia this week?

✅ King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands visited Slovakia with his wife. President Zuzana Čaputová emphasized that Slovakia and the Netherlands are united by values such as the protection of democracy, the rule of law, common interests, economic relations, and cooperation in security.

✅ Seven new wind turbines are to be built near Piešťany as part of a program to develop alternative energy sources.

✅ The construction of a new industrial park in Martin has already begun. Its first enterprise will be a plant for the production of fast charging stations for electric cars.

✅ The insurance company Dôvera conducted a survey among almost 7,000 people. The best state hospitals in the survey were the Central Military Hospital in Ružomberk, the facility in Martin, and the Children’s Faculty Hospital with a polyclinic in Banská Bystrica. However, the University Hospital in Bratislava and the Faculty Hospitals in Trnava and Nitra were at the bottom of the ranking.

✅ From March 13 to 17, a “Prešporkovo Exchange Bazaar” will be at the Prešporkovo Family Center in Bratislava. You can bring things you don’t use and exchange them for other things you like. Address: Bratislava, Staré Mesto, Heydukova 25.

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