New rules for entering Slovakia from July 9, 2021

New rules for entering Slovakia from July 9, 2021

From July 9, new entry conditions begin to operate in Slovakia 🌍

The rules are based primarily on whether a person has been vaccinated or not. We are talking about the EU digital Covid certificate, which is issued if you have supplied an EU-recognized vaccine.

Fully vaccinated will only need to provide confirmation at the border – the GreenPass application with a QR code. You do not need to take tests and sit in quarantine (about the exception below).

When are you considered fully vaccinated?

✅ No more than a year and no less than 2 weeks have passed since the second dose of the biphasic vaccine has been received. For single-phase vaccine – at least 3 weeks

✅ If you have had Covid-19, another rule is relevant. After the first dose of vaccine, at least 2 weeks should elapse in case of vaccination within 180 days after recovery.

But what if you are not vaccinated?

In this case, you must register on the website AND either sit for 14 days in quarantine, or on the 5th day pass the test and, if the result is negative, leave the quarantine.

📍Unvaccinated children should be kept in the same quarantine conditions as their parents. The only thing is that children under 12 do not need to be tested.
📍Quarantine also applies to those people who have not traveled, but live with you. In this case, their quarantine ends with yours.

From August 9, the general requirements (depending on vaccination) will also apply to people constantly crossing the Slovak border for work. Until that time, they will be able to cross the border without quarantine, but with a PCR test, no older than 7 days.

When flying to Slovakia, you will also need to register on the website and present a negative PCR test no older than 72 hours upon arrival.

✈️ This rule applies even to the vaccinated!

✈️ The only exceptions will be countries less threatened by the new Covid-19 strain. Now this list includes Ukraine, Belarus and other countries. For Kazakhstan and Russia, these rules are still relevant.

More information and a complete list of countries can be found here 👉

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