New amendments to the law on entrepreneurship in Slovakia

Amendments to the Law on Entrepreneurship were adopted in Slovakia yesterday 👨‍💼
The amendments are due to enter into force on August 1. The document has not yet been signed by the president, but has already been approved by the Rada.

How do these changes affect you and me?
📜 Now an entrepreneur, being a foreigner, has the right to start an entrepreneurial activity in Slovakia only after obtaining a residence permit. Previously, in the presence of a živnosť (analogue of an individual entrepreneur / private enterprise), even without a residence permit, it was possible to start entrepreneurship immediately after registration.
Starting in August, you will first need to register živnosť, obtain a residence permit, and then start your business.
📜 There will be concessions in the requirements for professional experience when opening regulated types of entrepreneurial activity. The list of these regulated activities has also been reduced.
📜 A press release from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Slovak Republic noted that restrictions on the timing of the suspension of trade will be lifted. This means that now you yourself can determine for what period you want to suspend your activities 📅
📜 The requirements for notification of the opening of production facilities have been relaxed. The fines were also reduced by almost 3 times for those who did not have time to notify within the time limit established by law – from € 1,659 to € 663.
📜 The amendments also touched on the issue of health insurance deductions, which will be carried out only after obtaining a residence permit.

To read the law, go to 👉

The press release of the amendments can be found on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Slovak Republic 👉

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