Medical care organization in Slovakia

How is medical care provided in Slovakia 🧑⚕️ What steps does it consist of?

If you are planning to move to Slovakia, you will definitely encounter such a specialist as “všeobecný lekár”. It is essentially a local doctor.

🩺 This is the doctor you will go to in most cases. It is he who usually writes prescriptions for medicines, prescribes examinations, refers you to tests, and, if necessary, to specialists.

This means you will not be able to make an appointment with a neurologist or dermatologist right away. You will need a referral from your general practitioner.

Exceptions may be 👇👇👇👇

✅ Gynaecologists, and dentists to whom you can go directly.
✅ Those cases where there is a chronic illness and you are already seeing a particular specialist. In this situation, it is possible to apply without a referral from a general practitioner.

If the narrow specialist in the outpatient clinic cannot solve your problem himself, he can refer you to a specialized clinic.

In this way we can distinguish 3 stages of planned medical care:
📌 general practitioner,
📌 a narrow specialist in a polyclinic,
📌 physician of a profile clinic.

In case of an emergency, you can immediately call an ambulance or go to the emergency department (urgentný príjem) or the emergency room (pohotovosť) on your own.

☎️ We remind you that if you encounter an accident, serious injury, or life-threatening situation in Slovakia, you can call 155 (only 3 digits can be dialed from your cell phone). We hope this will never be necessary!

We wish you good health 🤗

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