Lupčansky Castle in Slovakia

It is said that every historical castle has its own reputation. Considering that there are more than 100 castles and fortresses in Slovakia, even more palaces, there are many different legends 🏰

The castle in Lupce (Banskobystrica district) is no exception. This defensive structure was built in the 13th century. It is one of the best-preserved medieval castles in Slovakia. It is noteworthy that in the courtyard of the castle, you can find a linden tree over 700 years old 🌳 It is one of the oldest linden trees in Europe.

The legend of the White Lady is connected to the Lupčany Castle.

Once upon a time, the caretaker of the castle was Castellan Selecki. He was much respected – he was known as a conscientious and fair manager. And he had a beloved wife Marenka, who finally gave birth to a son.

👶 The baby was born strong and healthy. But the woman, on the other hand, was shaken by childbirth. Marenka didn’t even have the strength to care for her baby properly. So she invited her beautiful cousin Verona to help.

Verona was attracted not only to live in the great castle but also to Seletsky himself. Gradually the keeper of the castle became very close to his wife’s cousin. Marenka knew what was going on and suffered greatly because of it. She felt that, sickly, she could not compete with the beautiful, healthy Verona, and decided not to interfere in any way with what was happening.

But Verona was tired of playing the role of second mistress, and she suggested to Selecki that Marenka should be deprived of her life. The keeper of the castle was categorically against it. But Marenka happened to witness the conversation. She was seized with rage and ordered Verona to be imprisoned in the castle tower.
Some rumors say Verona was tormented by remorse, others say she could not bear to live as a prisoner. But soon the woman went mad and killed herself.

Such is the tragic story. According to legend, Veronica’s soul could never find rest. And her ghost in a white dress still roams the castle on moonlit nights.

By the way, the village Slovenska Ljupča near where the castle is located also has its legends. If you have not been there yet, we recommend you visit it. In addition, there are regular excursions.

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