Knight’s Tournament at Devin Castle

Knight’s Tournament at Devin Castle

Devin is an old castle located in Bratislava 🏰 Unfortunately, in 1809 it was blown up by Napoleon’s soldiers. And we inherited only ruins. But the ruins are mysterious and very atmospheric.

⚔️ In Devin, knights’ tournaments and various craft exhibitions are regularly held, as it once was, hundreds of years ago.

And this year was no exception. This Saturday, July 3, a very busy day dedicated to the Renaissance is waiting for you at the castle.

🔸10.00 – opening of the castle gates.
🔸11.00 – opening ceremony, where they will talk about the peculiarities of the development of fencing in the Renaissance.
🔸12.00 – production about the Landsknechts – a look into the middle of the 16th century,
🔸13.00 – Renaissance dances from a dance teacher from Italy
🔸14.00 – informative lecture by the master of fencing Peter Koza
🔸15.00 – The Wizard Ivan and his lines
🔸16.00 – Tournament of knights in the style of the Italian tournaments “La Giostra”, inspired by the ducal court in Ferrara.
🔸17.30 – Solo concert of Western European poetry and music of the Renaissance.
🔸18.20 – Closing ceremony of fencing and dance demonstrations.
🔸19.00 – Closing of the territory of the castle.

Not only spectacular Renaissance spectacles await you. In the old shooting range, you can shoot a bow. You will have the opportunity to ride a live or wooden horse, visit a torture chamber or buy an interesting handicraft.

📍 Ticket price: family – 17 €, basic – 8 €, reduced – 4 €. You can buy an entrance ticket directly at the castle ticket office. Please note – only cash payment is accepted.

How do you generally feel about such historical knightly performances? Are they interesting to you, or do you prefer other events?

P. S. If you would not even be afraid to go down to the torture chamber, wave under the post 👋 Let’s see how many such daredevils there are among us 😊😉

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