Is the cost of living in Bratislava expensive?

Is life expensive in Bratislava 🤔 What place does the city currently occupy in the world ranking of the cost of living?

📊 Recently, Numbeo updated their indices for 2023, and we were able to more objectively assess how much the current situation has affected prices in the largest cities of the world.

Of course, we will pay more attention to Bratislava itself – the capital of Slovakia.

To calculate the index, many factors are taken into account that are necessary for the daily life of an average person 💰 Including the cost of groceries, restaurants, transport costs, utilities, expenses for cleaning and washing clothes, expenses for children, and much more.

According to the cost of living index, Bratislava ranked 291st out of 540 cities. We remind you that the closer to the first place, the more expensive the cost of living.

For comparison:
✅ Budapest – on the 332nd
✅ Beijing on the 325th,
✅ Prague in 271st place,
✅ Vienna on the 224th,
✅ Tokyo on the 87th,
✅ Paris – on the 69th,
✅ New York – on the 11th.

The most expensive cities were recognized as Hamilton (Bermuda), Basel, and Zurich (Switzerland). And the cheapest: cities in Pakistan and Colombia.

Bratislava was practically in the “golden mean”. Yes, we feel that prices have risen, including for food. But now it is difficult to name those countries that have not been affected by the current situation.

As for the EU countries, Slovakia is still one of the most attractive countries in terms of the combination of cost of living, conditions for obtaining a residence permit, and socio-political environment.

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