Is it difficult to get a residence permit in Slovakia?

Is it difficult to get a residence permit in Slovakia?

Yes and no 🤷♂️ On the one hand, there are really very acceptable requirements to get a residence permit and then a permanent residence permit and citizenship. Whatever you do, you have a real chance of moving to Slovakia legally 🌍

On the other hand, there would be no need for our company either, if everything were so easy and simple.

What are the main difficulties foreigners usually face?

✅ The language barrier.

There was a recent post about this, you can read it if you missed it. It is worth bearing in mind that you have to go to the Slovak police to apply for a residence permit and all documents.

They may ask you questions, ask you to bring documents, or clarify some data 📋 That is why we accompany all our clients to the police so that no problems arise.

✅ Grounds for a residence permit

Sometimes there are difficulties with the question of what basis it is best to apply for a residence permit. Each option has its own nuances, pros, and cons. We always take into account the individual capabilities and goals of our clients to avoid problems with either obtaining a residence permit or its extension.

✅ Financial side of the issue

You need to confirm that you are financially secure 💰 Each type of residence permit (business, reunification, etc.) has its own requirements for this item, which you should consider when applying for a residence permit.

✅ Mistakes concerning the documents themselves

Expired, forgot to certify the document, failed to confirm the purpose of stay, or made a mistake in the document on the availability of housing – not an uncommon story that can get in the way of obtaining a residence permit.

There are also rare situations, when some bureaucratic delays and not quite legitimate demands of the Slovak police may occur.

But it is all solvable ☝️ During our work has never been a case of denying our client a residence permit, when we could not refute the decision. We think this fact speaks for itself!

So, friends, do not be afraid of trouble. Everything is real! Everything works!

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