I want to move to Slovakia, but I can’t make up my mind!

To move to another country or not is always a difficult choice. We are so built that any change causes a feeling of anxiety, and fear 🤷‍♂️ It’s absolutely normal.

And indeed, it is difficult to predict what will be waiting for me in another country, what if something goes wrong… What if I lose my source of income, what if I do not like it here, what if I regret moving… Or what if, on the contrary, I will regret all my life that I did not move 🤔

So how do you deal with this dilemma?

✅ Don’t guess by coffee grounds, but find out!

Read, watch videos about the country, and reviews, go “exploring”, and see for yourself. The more you understand what exactly awaits you, the easier it will be to make a decision.

Write down exactly what’s bothering you.

Write down each of your fears about moving. And then against each situation, indicate how you can prevent what you fear. And how you can solve the problem if it arises.

✅ Make a clear plan of action.

What steps will your move consist of? First, outline the main steps. And then divide them into smaller components. It is important to schedule everything – from collecting and submitting documents for a residence permit to renting/buying a house.

Of course, the decision to move you must make yourself. We love Slovakia and do not regret that we moved here. But whether you like it here – you can answer only yourself.

And if you have already made the decision, you can count on our help with obtaining and renewing a residence permit, rental property and other important issues 👍

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