How quickly can I get a Slovak passport?

This procedure is simple, but time-consuming.

1️⃣ At the first stage, you get a residence permit.

The residence permit card already gives you certain rights.

► All opportunities are available to you to successfully open and run a business, receive free education and work in Slovakia.
► You can take out a mortgage from 0.5% in case of confirmation of your income.
► Your loved ones can count on a residence permit for reunification.
► You have the opportunity to travel freely throughout Europe.

Of course, a residence permit is not citizenship. But with it you can safely enjoy all the benefits of life in Slovakia. The main thing is to remember that the residence permit has a deadline.

2️⃣ After 5 years, you are already applying for permanent residence.

This status is no longer limited in time. It does not need to be renewed. In fact, permanent residence is almost citizenship, you only have no right to vote in elections.

3️⃣ After 10 years (from the date of obtaining the first residence permit), you can apply for citizenship. You only need to prove your knowledge of the Slovak language by passing an exam.

Our company Slovakia Garant provides assistance at all stages. We also provide additional services – from renting real estate to setting up a company in Slovakia on a turnkey basis.

If you want to consult for free, learn more about our services or procedures for obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence, citizenship, call or write:
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