Friends, Happy Victory Day!

In Slovakia, the day of victory over fascism is celebrated on May 8 📅

The holiday itself takes place without pretentious shows of military equipment, without matinees in kindergarten in protective uniform and political manipulation. But this does not prevent everyone from remembering this important event, remembering the deceased loved ones, because the war affected not only individual countries, but also every family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Traditionally, the head of state and members of the government visit Slavin. This is a memorial in Bratislava in honor of the fallen soldiers of the Soviet army.

The place serves as a reminder of how many lives were taken by that terrible war. More than 6,800 Soviet soldiers who participated in the battles for Bratislava are buried at the memorial.

💐  The Immortal Regiment campaigns are held throughout Slovakia, bringing flowers and wreaths to monuments and obelisks.

The story of one obelisk in Bratislava with a mysterious inscription “Willow” is interesting.

German troops mined institutions and residential buildings in Bratislava. Soviet sappers had to risk their lives to clear the mines. And it was the sappers who left the inscription “Willow” – a code word that meant “Checked, there are no more mines.”

I would like the words “There are no more mines, and there is no more war” to become our enduring reality and all conflict situations were resolved only peacefully. Peace to you friends.

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