Entry to Slovakia. Police. Do you need a test now?

Summer is getting closer, the coronavirus is farther away … Slovakia has moved into the pink zone at the coronavirus traffic light 🚦 This means that the incidence of Covid-19 has decreased even more and we have reached the lowest level of epidemiological danger.

The Czech Republic has already eased restrictions on travelers from Slovakia. If you decide to go to the Czech Republic, it will be enough to do:
🔸 PCR not older than 72 hours or
🔸 antigenic test no older than a day.

But, friends, be careful! Despite the positive dynamics in the coronavirus, the restrictions are being lifted gradually!

✅ When entering Slovakia, a fresh test is still required! And you still need to pre-fill the form at https://korona.gov.sk/ehranica/ Both the test and the form are checked at the border.

After filling out the form, you will receive an SMS and an email. mail indicating when and where you need to come for the test already in Slovakia. Officially, the test should be carried out on the 8th day, but in fact it is often obtained 1-3 days earlier.

✅ When visiting the police or any other government agency, it is also worth getting tested – the expiration dates are individual for each region.

Bratislava is now among the “pink” districts with a test shelf life of 3 weeks. But sometimes situations arise when the police still require a weekly freshness test, and it is better to play it safe.

For residents of Slovakia, including foreigners, it is still possible to take tests free of charge. You can sign up online here 👉 https://www.old.korona.gov.sk/covid-19-patient-form.php

🔹 If you have symptoms of the disease, click on PCR testing.
🔹 If you want to take a walk test, select an antigen test.

Here we thought that we had never passed so many tests in just 1 year in our life 🤦‍♂️ We will tell our grandchildren how we once survived a pandemic

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