Energy from waste. The project is already running in Bratislava.

Energy from garbage – now it is also possible in Bratislava. Slovakia has long been working on the development of alternative energy sources and increasing the percentage of recyclable waste 📈

The heat from waste recycling, which has not been used before, will go to heat households in Bratislava. This is possible thanks to the connection of the waste-to-energy plant (ZEVO) to the central heating system (SCZT) of Bratislava, operated by MH Teplárenský Holding (MHTH).

⚡ Since February, MHTH has already been using the first megawatt hours of waste heat from OLO in its district heating system. For all of 2023, this should mean heat for nearly 3,300 households. And that’s just the beginning.

OLO (waste and recycling company) currently has the potential to supply about 10,000 households with heat 🏡 But this number will increase to 35,000 after the modernization of ZEVO.

Based on calculations, the heat from waste recycling will also be able to supply about 22,000 households with electricity each year.

On the one hand, this will help to achieve environmental goals 🌱 On the other hand, it will further reduce dependence on fossil fuels (natural gas).

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