Coronavirus: Slovakia closes state borders, schools and entertainment centers

Yesterday, March 12, due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus in Slovakia, an emergency mode was introduced. The government has developed a series of preventive measures aimed at containing the epidemic, which came into effect at 6 a.m. today:

● Prohibition of entry into the territory of Slovakia, which applies to all foreigners except holders of a residence permit or permanent residence.

● The introduction of border controls for each vehicle at the borders with Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Ukraine. Free entry remained only on the border with Poland.

● Canceled all international flights, bus and train routes. The government intends to allow flights only for foreigners who are in Slovakia and need to fly home. Shipping allowed.

● Absolutely everyone who came to Slovakia from abroad, whether they are citizens of Slovakia or foreigners,

those with a residence permit or permanent residence are required to comply with 14-day quarantine. The fine for violating the quarantine is 1,659 euros. The government will receive information on who was abroad, including from mobile operators.

● It is recommended that people who go abroad daily go to work remotely or take a vacation. Upon returning from work, they will be required to comply with 2-week quarantine.

● If people who come from abroad do not want to endanger their loved ones with coronavirus, the Ministry of the Interior will provide them with a special quarantine facility. Otherwise, all residents with a person who has returned from abroad will have to comply with quarantine.

● Public transportation within the country is not prohibited, however, trains and buses will travel according to the schedule adopted for the school vacation period.

● From Monday, March 16, for 2 weeks (until March 27 inclusive), all educational institutions will be closed: kindergartens, schools and universities. Although many schools were closed before the introduction of an emergency in the country.

● The ban on the organization of cultural events is being tightened.

● Starting this morning, all entertainment centers, water parks, ski resorts, swimming pools, children’s play centers, bars and clubs are closed. For violation of this order fines of up to 20 thousand euros are provided.

● Restaurants remain open.

● Grocery stores, household chemical stores, and pharmacies are operating normally.

● In large shopping centers, only pharmacies, grocery stores and household chemicals will operate. The remaining departments have so far received a ban on work on the weekend, their further work schedule will be determined on Monday.

● Reduction of working hours in various social institutions, for example, at the post office, social insurance offices, etc.

To date, 21 cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in Slovakia. We hope that the measures taken by the government will prove to be effective, and soon our measured life will again return to its course.

Our company Slovakia Garant continues to work for you over the phone. During quarantine, the company’s employees will be at home and remotely resolve all necessary issues for our customers, as well as provide advice to new customers.

We wish you all good health!

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