CORONAVIRUS: measures taken by Slovakia regarding foreigners with residence permit and permanent residence

In this article, we are talking about the current situation with the coronavirus in Slovakia, what measures Slovakia has taken regarding foreigners with residence permits and permanent residence, what to do for people who stayed in Slovakia for visa-free travel or visas that are already ending. Entrepreneurs and business owners were looking forward to the reaction of the authorities and the proposal of measures to support entrepreneurship in Slovakia. I will tell you what help the Slovak government offers to business. And also talk about how to be people who have mortgages or other loans?

The situation with the coronavirus in Slovakia on April 2, 2020

On April 2, 2020, 11,292 tests were conducted in Slovakia, of which 450 are positive, and thank God there is not a single death. For comparison, in Ukraine on April 2: 804 sick, 20 deaths, only 13 recovered. In Russia – 3548 cases, 235 recovered, 30 deaths.

Due to the fact that Slovakia was one of the first countries to introduce quarantine and strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus, according to the Deep Knowledge Group website (, Slovakia is now 11th in the world in terms of security regarding coronovirus. Although yesterday was in 3rd place)

Bratislava is unusually deserted, all stores except food are closed, and the entrance to the store is strictly limited, the employee at the entrance counts visitors using food trolleys, while all must be masked and additionally hand out disposable mittens or offer to use a hand sanitizer. For the so-called seniors or people of retirement age, a trip to the shops is possible strictly by the hour from 9 am to 12 noon.

On March 30, the Slovak authorities allowed to open such shops as the Garden and the vegetable garden, since spring and sowing work, optics stores, leasing companies, bike shops, notaries and lawyers, building materials stores, key services, household goods stores are underway. As for cafes and restaurants, everything is closed, squares and parks are empty, despite the warm weather, all cultural events have been canceled. All passers-by in masks, people try to get around each other at a distance of a meter.



Changes in the law for foreigners with a residence permit / permanent residence

It is very important for us foreigners in Slovakia to understand what will happen to people on a residence permit and permanent residence. On March 31, the Slovak government introduced some changes to the Aliens Act. Among many other documents, the government approved a proposal from the Minister of the Interior. Immediately a reservation: this was accepted by the government, but for the entry into force of the amendments to the law, the People’s Council must still vote.

  1. Foreigners with a valid residence permit / permanent residence, whose term expires during the emergency or within a month after its end, is extended until the end of two months after the end of the emergency. Those. Renewals until you can not go.
  2. Foreigners who haven’t arrived who legally arrived in Slovakia and stayed here (on visas or visa-free) can stay in the country during the emergency, as well as within a month after its completion. Those. expiration of a visa / visa-free visa will not lead to illegal stay.
  3. Foreigners who are staying now who are outside of Slovakia can apply for an extension of their residence permit or for an unlimited period of time at the consulates of Slovakia.
  4. At the first submission, as well as during the renewal of residence permits, the rule “documents no older than 90 days” will not apply if this submission was planned at the time of the emergency, and you did not travel outside Slovakia until the submission of documents. Those. all certificates already available on hand, for example, about the criminal record, or from various urads in Slovakia, will not have to be redone; they will be accepted later.
  5. An important point for people on residence permits for employment who have lost their jobs: the period of 60 days to search for a new employer is extended for the entire duration of the emergency. Those. 60 days will only go from the date of its completion.
  6. Duration 30 days for the passage of honey. inspection, to provide confirmation of honey. insurance do not go during an emergency. Similarly, the deadlines do not apply for a number of duties of foreigners, for example, notification of a change of first name, last name, marital status, foreign countries. passports, notice of loss / theft of a card or passport, change of employer, change of address.
  7. At the birth of a foreign child, the obligation to apply for a residence permit within 90 days (or to leave the country) is also not applied for the duration of the emergency.
  8. If you received your first residence permit / permanent residence, but have not yet arrived in Slovakia, then the period of 180 days for entry also does not take into account the duration of the emergency.

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What assistance does Slovakia provide to entrepreneurs and employed people?

On March 30, the Government, on its eighth day in office, announces “7 measures to help entrepreneurs and citizens.” Here is the Slovak version of saving the nation:

  1. For all employers who do not cut people, the state will compensate 80% of employees’ wages for the entire period of the crown crisis.
  2. The state will monthly pay private entrepreneurs and firms (per worker) such money, the amount of which will depend on the degree of revenue decline: if the revenue has fallen> 20% – 180 € each; if the revenue has fallen> 40% – 300 € each; if the revenue has fallen> 60% – 420 € each; if the revenue has fallen> 80% – 540 € each.
  3. The state will issue bank guarantees in the amount of € 500 million to banks, and banks, accordingly, having state guarantees, should lend to the business.
  4. Guaranteed payment of 55% of salary (or income) if the worker or entrepreneur finds themselves in compulsory quarantine or on sick leave with a child (this measure, in principle, was duplicated for reasons of public relations authorities, it was implemented as early as 26.03.).
  5. If the entrepreneur’s revenue has fallen by more than 40%, he is guaranteed a deferment in payment of social contributions. funds.
  6. Deferral of advance profit payments.
  7. The ability to calculate income tax on all losses that have been at the enterprise since 2014.

These were only the first measures, and only seven – and the government promises at least 40 economic levers for business. Nevertheless, many criticize the authorities for these seven first steps, which the business considers insufficient.


On March 31, the Government and Parliament announced that they had reached an agreement with private banks on deferring payments on loans and leasing for entrepreneurs and citizens. Without penalties, debtors can defer payments on loans for 9 months, and for leasing for 6 months. To do this, you don’t even have to go to banks or leasing companies – it will be enough to send the completed standard application form by mail.

Coronavirus Foundation

The government and parliament announced the creation of a public charity account to combat the coronavirus, to which officials and parliamentarians will transfer money every month. Their translations will be public. That is, any Slovak taxpayer will be able to go to the appropriate site and see how much money this or that politician has transferred. For example, Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovich announced that he is giving up his salary (he has it about 5 thousand €) in favor of fighting the coronavirus for the entire time of the coronary crisis.

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