Clarification of amendments to the law. Residence permit for business.

Friends, many had questions about the amendments to the law on entrepreneurship 💵 The point that it would be possible to start directly into entrepreneurial activity only after obtaining a residence permit turned out to be especially “hot”.
Let’s take a closer look at this amendment.

✅ You rightly noted that a residence permit was previously required to start a trade or other entrepreneurial activity.
This was indeed valid until October 1, 2020. Then permission was granted only after the entrepreneur was entered in the commercial register. And the latter was possible just with a residence permit, permanent residence or citizenship.
Since October 1, 2020, this requirement has been canceled ❌ It was possible to start a business without even having a residence permit. The Covid-19 pandemic played an important role in this mitigation.
And from August 1, 2021, the living conditions will be returned again. A trade license can be obtained no earlier than the date of obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia. The rule applies to individuals from countries outside the EU, EEA (European Economic Area) or OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development).

✅ This does not mean that now you will not be able to apply for a residence permit for business or you will have to fight to win such a right. However, you will only be able to start your entrepreneurial activity and make money on it after obtaining a residence permit.

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