Celebration of open wine cellars

Slovak wines are not as famous all over the world as French or Italian. But many note that in terms of quality they can well compete with the most powerful European manufacturers 🏆

We recommend at least once to visit one of the wine-making festivals in Slovakia. Of course, such events are most popular in the fall, after the harvest. But why not taste delicious Slovak wine in the spring?

🍷 This week in Slovakia there will be a festival of open wine cellars.

The event is traditionally held in honor of St. Urban, the patron saint of winemaking. No less than 120 places will be waiting for you for wine tasting.

🔹 Location: Small Carpathian Wine Route from Bratislava to Trnava.
🔹 Time: from 14:00 to 20:00 on Friday and from 12:00 to 20:00 on Saturday.
🔹 Ticket price: 40 €. The price includes not only a tasting, but also 20 € for the purchase of any wines you like.

Some wine cellars are themselves representatives of architectural art 🏰 Therefore, not only the taste, but also the atmosphere itself is impressive.

You will be able to communicate with winemakers, see the conditions in which the most delicious wine is created and stored. And you have the opportunity to see for yourself that nowhere does the wine taste like the place where it was born.

🍇 In Slovakia, the so-called wine tourism is generally in demand. Due to the peculiarities of the climate, white and rosé wines are more popular in the country.

There are interesting historical facts that prove that the winemaking traditions in Slovakia have very ancient roots. Scissors and knives were discovered here, which were used to cultivate vineyards 400 years before the Roman Empire reached the area.

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