“Blue Church” What to visit in Bratislava?

If you are planning a sightseeing tour of Bratislava, be sure to visit the Church of St. Elizabeth 💒
It is a relatively small but very remarkable structure. The church is often called the “blue church”. Actually, there is a reason, as you can see in the photo. This sky-blue color also prevails in the interior decoration.
But the church stands out among others not only for its unusual palette.

Graceful lines and additional architectural attributes in the French Art Nouveau style give the building a truly fabulous look ✨

There are several very interesting facts connected with this church.
The work was entrusted to the architect Eden Lechner. The latter was probably one of the members of the Masonic fraternity. The church is literally strewn with various Masonic symbols 👁️ Here you will find the “all-seeing eye”, and the six-pointed star of Bethlehem, and the “radiant delta”, pentagrams and others.
Even the choice of colors is associated by many precisely with the architect’s Masonic preferences. White for the Masons symbolizes purity, and blue is the color of being chosen.

📜 The foundation of the building was laid in 1909. It is believed that the idea of ​​creation belongs to the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph I. The ruler decided in a similar way to express his love for his wife Elizabeth of Bavaria.

The mosaic icon above the entrance to the temple just depicts the so-called miracle of St. Elizabeth 👑
The accounts of eyewitnesses testify that the Empress was engaged in charity work and always gave alms to the poor. Franz Joseph I was not delighted with his wife’s activities and categorically forbade her to do it.

Once, Elizabeth once again wanted to help the poor. She gathered a full hem of bread to feed the underprivileged. But at the exit, her husband, who suspected something was wrong, was waiting for her and demanded to show what she was hiding. When Elizabeth unfolded her apron, instead of bread there were roses 🌹 This is such a miracle and captured on the mosaic icon.

Friends, have you already visited this attraction? Like it or not 🤔

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