Assistance with the adaptation in Slovakia

When you move to a new country, you are overwhelmed with energy, and incredible motivation in anticipation of pleasant changes 🕺 However, any change is associated not only with joyful moments, but also with specific difficulties.

We also went through them when we once moved to Slovakia. At that time we had to go through many important steps without help, to learn from our mistakes. We really wanted someone to guide us through them, help us, and guide us…

And now we are happy to help you avoid the time costs and difficulties associated with the language barrier, and not knowing some legal and organizational nuances.

In addition to obtaining or extending a residence permit, we deal with other issues.

✅ Registration of children in kindergarten/school:

  • updating information about availability,
  • accompanying to appointments,
  • Collecting and processing necessary documents.

✅ Registration with the family doctor:

  • Finding an attending physician,
  • Making an appointment,
  • Accompanying appointments and contracting, if necessary.

✅ Opening a bank account:

  • Personal,
  • for a sole proprietorship,
  • Bank account: for a sole proprietorship and a company.

✅ Purchase of a ready-made business or registration/liquidation:

  • Companies,
  • IP (živnosť).

✅ Rental of real estate:

  • search taking into account your preferences and budget,
  • contract analysis and negotiation of terms favorable for you,
  • Support for the conclusion of the contract.

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