Are there ticks in the forests of Slovakia?

Spring is a great time for forest walks and hikes. But now it is worth being especially careful with ticks ☝ We remind you that spring-autumn outbreaks are characteristic of tick-borne encephalitis and borreliosis.

And yes, there are ticks and tick-borne infections in Slovakia too. In recent years, the regions of ilina and Banská Bystrica have been leading in terms of the number of cases of encephalitis.

Tick-borne infections are quite dangerous, so it is worth considering in advance all measures to protect yourself and your family.

✅ It is best to provide special clothing with long sleeves and pants with elastic bands or clips at the end for hiking in the forest. Don’t forget about hats.

✅ Use repellents.

✅ Be sure to inspect yourself, your loved ones, animals, clothes after a forest walk.

✅ If you often go to the forest, it is worth considering getting vaccinated during the winter.

✅ Do not consume raw dairy products from unverified sources. It’s not about industrial production, but about cases with “fresh milk from an unfamiliar grandmother.” We remind you that tick-borne encephalitis can also be contracted through milk.

What if the tick has already bitten?

1️⃣ Do not press on the tick, but gently pull it out by turning it around its axis using special tweezers and a napkin. These tweezers are now often sold in stores, even in the same “dm”.

2️⃣ Treat the wound with 5% iodine.

3️⃣ Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after removing the tick.

4️⃣ It is better to burn the tick itself or pour boiling water over it. In Slovakia, laboratory analysis of the tick is not particularly welcome. There are negative results with such a study, but the person still becomes infected. There are also cases when the tick is infected, but the infection does not manifest.

It makes sense to just monitor your health and carefully plan all preventive measures.

And let no ticks overshadow your outdoor recreation, and on the way there are only mushrooms, berries, hares … deer, at worst 😊😉

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