5 obligatory steps to obtain a residence permit

How do I apply for a residence permit in Slovakia? What are the important steps? And where is the best place to start 🤔

📌 Determine which type of residence permit suits you best

Slovakia offers different types of residence permits. The most popular: is based on business, work, study, and reunification. We always help our clients to choose the best option.

📌 Collect all your documents.

Depending on what basis you’re applying for a residence permit, the list of documents differs. We usually describe in detail which documents, where, and when to get them, as some documents have a limited shelf life.

📌 Make an appointment with the Alien Police in Slovakia

Everything goes through an online appointment nowadays. You must fill out the form correctly and choose a day to visit. We take care of this work so as not to take up the client’s time and avoid mistakes in the registration.

📌 Apply.

The application with all the necessary documents is usually submitted to the Alien Police in Slovakia. You come on the day and time when you signed up earlier. We accompany all our clients to the police. There may be problems at this stage because of the language barrier or legal nuances. To prevent this, we take care of all communication with the police. And you are psychologically safer that way.

📌 Get your residence permit card

If your application is approved, you usually become a holder of a residence permit card 2-3 months after your application. You should always have the document with you during your stay in Slovakia.

There are other steps that are also important to keep in mind. But they may be different depending on the basis for the residence permit, and your current place of residence, so this is a topic for other posts 😉

And we are always happy to make the process of applying for a residence permit for you simple and effective.

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